Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor’s Race

Democrats really took it on the chin in Virginia.

The entire party went all-in on Youngkin, sending every heavyweight in the party to help him campaign.

None of it helped, as Youngkin pulled out a close election in what appears to be a clean sweep in the state.

Big Win

Terry McAuliffe was supposed to be an easy winner, but that changed about a month ago.

The moment education became a focus of McAuliffe’s campaign, the polling started to go the opposite direction.

Youngkin jumped on this narrative and started to hammer it.

Suddenly, parents that were probably not going to vote got involved in the election and everything started to swing.

That resulted in a massive wave of panic by Democrats, sending every big name in the party to Virginia.

Obama, Jill Biden, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Stacey Abrams, just to name a few, all rushed the state to try to get a win for McAuliffe.

Youngkin, on the other hand, went it alone, telling voters he did not need any gimmicks to win this race.

He did not want them talking to anyone else but him, because he would be the one holding office, not any celebrity names.

It all paid off, with Youngkin winning a tight race, finally getting McAuliffe to concede, stating, “While last night we came up short, I am proud that we spent this campaign fighting for the values we so deeply believe in.

“While there will be setbacks along the way, I am confident that the long-term path of Virginia is toward inclusion, openness and tolerance for all.”

Youngkin, in his victory speech, stated, “We’re going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. We’re going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents, as well as a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar. Friends, we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools.”

It now appears as thought Republicans will win all three major races in the state as well as flipping the state legislature for a Republican advantage.

This is an absolutely crippling blow to Democrats and gives just a hint as to what Democrats can expect to see during the 2022 midterms.

Sources: CNN, New York Post, & Fox News

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19 Responses

    1. “Close election?” 45,000 votes is marxist bastards can’t write the truth if you life depended on it…..AND IT DOES!! imho

      1. Well, the vote was about 50.7% to 48.6%. Is that close or not these days? I’m open to learning on that. But I’m glad that Youngkin won. I hope that trend continues through the 2022 midterms.

  1. Joe Biden, and all of the Demorats Scumbag Rodents need to be removed from the White House, as well as all of the Demorat Rodents in our Government Period.
    Joe Biden is the Worst President ever in My Lifetime Beating out Obama who held the Worst President ever in My Lifetime.

    1. Could not agree with you more. o held the worst president ever until biden stole our elections to grab the prez place. President Trump reigns as the Best President America ever had. We need to get rid of all these anti-God, anti-American legislators and return America to the greatness and glory we never doubted until o first became prez.

    1. Keep in mind, the Lord often give us what we deserve as a nation. While I don’t believe in Dominionism or a Theocratic nation, I do want to see a Christian influenced nation.

      But in order for that to happen, I think we need to heed 2 Chronicle 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” It applied to Israel and the Jews, but I also think the Lord will honor that for America if we abide by it.

  2. Senator Tom Cotton just said :
    The chill Democrats feel now is the voters walking over their graves !!
    Swept Long Island and Virginia along with ILHAN OMAR !!!!’

  3. Mail in ballots were not part of this election ???
    I guess the people who died couldn’t get their ballot counted ??
    Where is the queen of corruption ??

  4. Maybe the voters got fed up with the lies of Obama, Jill Biden, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Stacey Abrams and figured out they were not for the citizen, but for the power and money they would benefit of?

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