REPORT: At Least 4 Marines Among 13 Dead in Kabul, More Than a Dozen Injured

Reports are now breaking that four Marines are among the dead in Kabul.

There were also reportedly more than a dozen people injured.

There were two terror attacks reported, with details still pouring in.

Blood on His Hands

A weak front gives people reason to take advantage, which is exactly what happened in Kabul today.

Joe Biden has allowed the Taliban to dictate this narrative, and now at least four of our Marines have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Two explosions have been confirmed by the United States Ambassador in Kabul.

The Ambassador has also confirmed that four Marines were among those killed.

Three additional Marines were reportedly injured.

According to another Fox News report, a total of 13 people have been killed thus far and 15 total injured.

The two attacks took place at the Abbey Gate and near the Baron Hotel, which is only a short distance from the Abbey Gate.

Reports have stated that Joe Biden has been briefed on the attack, but I have yet to see an official statement from Biden on this.

This comes after Joe Biden made a wisecrack remark this morning when NBC’s Peter Alexander asked him about Americans being stranded after August 31.

Biden, at this point, has lost all credibility and now has blood directly on his hands due to this botched withdrawal.

Joe Biden must be removed from office. This country, the world for that matter, can no longer afford to have him calling the shots.

Source: Fox News, Fox 29, & Wall Street Journal

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45 Responses

    1. They are saying now that 12 service members were killed and 15 others were wounded. Biden and his Administration need to be arrested and charged with these killings because they and they alone made it possible for this to happen.

      1. yes they are sir guilty of murder and treason because everything they do is deliberate..and they are high fiven in right as I type this!

  1. biden needs to be sent,along with his vice idiot,to Kabul airport!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  2. Great job mr. useless president. OH HOW WE MISS MR. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in US history has a president been as useless as you, NOT ONE AMERICAN IS WORTH you being in a position of power.

    1. Right there with you, Gary. I am now using #MrSweetTweets for Biden. We know that according to all those that voted for him it was because of Trump’s mean tweets. What fing stupid people to determine a leader based on personality. I know I worked for some of the nicest people who had absolutely no leadership capabilities. Many of them I would not even have a beer with because they were unrealistic. I don’t even believe that Biden is nice. I believe he is a total fake, fraud and corrupt. And, he makes Jimmy Carter look like a fricken military genius.


  3. I wonder if Biden will try to laugh this off or make another sarcastic remark.The whole administration is so far in over their heads THEY are nothing but laughable! Thoughts and prayers for the dead Marines and their families and may God help us all!

  4. When will this administration be court martialed?If you lost a loved one sue these demonic people for all they have

    1. Yes and then put into the front gate of Kabul, no weapon and a sign saying “I am Satan come get me

  5. Biden and Harris and other democrats who are backing Biden together with any RINOS who are in on this must be dealt with now!!! Get ride oc these people!!!Save Smerica!!!!

  6. I agree w/all the comments!! But we need to stop this BS words and the Cabinet those who can grow some BALLS and form a “COUP” take them all put them under arrest NOW. STOP TALKING AND MOVE !!!!!

  7. P L E A S E .. It would be wonderful to chain biden to the front of a M1A2 and drive through the front line in Kabul. At least his loss would be of no value to anyone. Americans should NEVER VOTE for anyone that has NEVER been in the MILITARY. biden received five (5) Student draft deferments. He is a coward, an a FAILURE TO ALL AMERICA, For the first time in our history, AMERICA is the laughing joke to the world. GREAT JOB joe.

  8. As a former Marine, these Marines being killed in Afghanistan are on Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden. He needs to go along with Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. They are the next 2 in line to be President. We need President Trump back in office and we need that NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you to brave Marines and your families who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our Nation with your lives You will always be remembered as dedicated heros by all us veterans and our families. Mary RacetteTSgt, Retired, USAF/USAFR

    1. Amen Mary.. Sad thing is; if The rightful President ,”TRUMP” would have been in office we would not be hearing any of this on the news because none of this would be happening!!!
      Out with the demonic cheating Commie DEMOCRAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Prep something much bigger is about to happen on US soil extra food water whatever you need to be as comfortable as possible. This illegal administration has killed our brave young men this cannot stand it will only get worse until we stand together to STOP it

  11. OK All powerful Pelosi, since you think you have so much power in DC, remove this crazy man from office and get our people out of Kabul ASAP and get our service men over there with permission to fire their weapons to get them out!! Biden has no desire to get them out and is just going to leave them to be killed at the end of the month. We can’t let that happen. Not even YOU can be that heartless or at least I hope not!!!! Get him out of the way now and get with the Generals and bring our people HOME !!!

  12. We lost 4 in Benghazi (they’re dead so what does it matter) now 4 in Kabul, by the same stupid, non-caring, no backbone, apologizing, team. Remember, all of Biden’s team is from the Obama White House Advisors. Shows you that they have no regard for the US and Americans.

  13. So now we have families that now have to put their loved ones to rest. When is this going to stop ⁉️ Maybe Biden’s son should be sent to help. Maybe reality will set in and something would change . As long as the democrats don’t have to worry about their loved ones they will not try to prevent this. Send in Pelosi’s son and a few of their daughters , Hunter Biden, soros’ s son , Schiff and anyone else that is expendable. Let them have the worry that their giving all these families because of another of Biden’s screw ups . My heart breaks for these families who have lost their loved ones do to the incompetence of Biden ‼️

  14. Didnt Obama say, paraphrasing, “never underestimate what Joe can F-up”.
    Well Biden has certainly had ample opportunities and he has come thru like a champ.
    This is the America you get when saddle up to the left and swallow their bilge.

  15. nothing will happen to Biden and his gang! They can screw up the whole country and the loudmouthed republicans only talk. talk & talk! I have listened to Hannity and he is full of HOT AIR & talks about the same thing and the results are nothing but ZEROS! I don’t evenlisten to him any more. Same TALK different day. I am sick and tired of ALL the corruptions & lies!

  16. Biden is the puppet because he can’t remember anything. Pelosi,Kamala,shumur and more should all be held accountable and one day soon they will answer to our God for all they have done. Pray for the Families that have lost their loved ones and pray for the Injured and pray for our Country. We need Trump back.

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