9/11 Families Don’t Want Biden at 20th Anniversary Memorial

Joe Biden has a bit of a PR nightmare that just hit his desk.

Roughly 2,000 people impacted by the attacks on 9/11 are telling Joe Biden to stay home.

They have issued a statement asking him not to come to the 20th-anniversary memorial ceremony.

Give Us the Documents

The outrage by families is over the declassification of government documents.

These individuals believe those documents will implicate Saudi Arabia in the attacks and they want them made public.

So, a statement was prepared by a large group of survivors, family members of those killed, and first responders telling Joe to release the documents or stay home.

The statement read, “We cannot in good faith, and with veneration to those lost, sick, and injured, welcome the president to our hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment.”

It continued, “Since the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 much investigative evidence has been uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks.

“Through multiple administrations, the Department of Justice and the FBI have actively sought to keep this information secret and prevent the American people from learning the full truth about the 9/11 attacks.”

The group is specifically holding Biden accountable due to a campaign promise to offer more transparency.

The group added, “Twenty years later, there is simply no reason — unmerited claims of ‘national security’ or otherwise — to keep this information secret.

“But if President Biden reneges on his commitment and sides with the Saudi government, we would be compelled to publicly stand in objection to any participation by his administration in any memorial ceremony of 9/11.”

The White House has not yet commented on Biden’s plan to honor his commitment or to attend the ceremony.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. Those dear people need to be allowed to remember without the presence of the likes of Joe Biden. An d Cackling Kamala should stay away, too.

  2. Wether biden release’s the documents or not, the biggest insult would be for all person’s attending the service to do an about face and walk away. Leaving him there with his news organizations, security, and leftists alone.
    You’d be best off if he starts to speak. Major insult.

    1. Unfortunately & I do mean it’s unfortunate that we have a POTUS like this but, he’d probably forget and say 11/9 or who the people attending were there for…and he’d probably crack some kind of very distasteful joke.
      Half of me wants him to go and make a real fool of himself again and the other half wants to show respect to the people we are all mourning for…

  3. Don’t blame them one bit. I don’t want him anywhere near me – and I really don’t want him in the WH!

  4. I personally would love to see Biden go to the memorial and get his criminal a$$ killed there !!!!

  5. They dont want them released because it just might implicate some of our own higher ups and I use the term loosely

  6. They dont want them released because it just might implicate some of our own higher ups and I use the term looselyi and this is not a frigging duplicate comment libs!

  7. Biden and Haris and Pelosi and schumer and cortezand Omar will pay in the end for all the bad things they have done they will all be losing their jobs and be broke as can be

  8. Good for these people. Him and the far left are not wanted anywhere in the USA, they should all move to China or Russia

  9. Good for these people. Him and the far left are not wanted anywhere in the USA, they should all move to China or Russia

  10. Needs to stay in his basement. No need for him to be
    at this affair.He is not an American dealing with China etc.

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