Abbott Guarantees No Energy Problems This Winter

Last winter, Texas saw weather like it had not seen in quite some time.

A massive cold front came through, dropping snow and low temperature all over the state.

Power grids were shut down for days in some areas and weeks in others, something Governor Abbott has promised will not happen again this winter.

Making Moves

Part of the reason Governor Abbott’s polling numbers fell so dramatically last year was because of the grid failures.

Abbott now says he is “very confident” nothing like that will ever happen again.

Backing up his argument, Abbott pointed to the fact he “signed almost a dozen laws that make the power grid more effective.”

Abbott pulled no punches, declaring, “I can guarantee the lights will stay on.”

The Republican governor of Texas continued, “I have talked to some of the natural gas pipeline transmitters, and they’ve also have been doing winterization that most people don’t know about.

“Most importantly is the approach [Electric Reliability Council of Texas] has taken this year, unlike last year.

“Last year they were reactive, and waited until a crisis mode before they summoned more power, more energy, now the way ERCOT works, is they work days in advance in summoning that power to make sure they will have enough power to keep the lights on.”

I can say without hesitation that Abbott’s future in office depends on Texans getting through this winter unscathed.

While I still do not believe a Democrat can win the governor’s mansion, grid problems would open up Abbott to a successful challenge within the Republican Party, possibly giving Colonel West or Chad Prather a bit more grip.

And, do not forget, there is still Matthew McConaughey looming out there, as he has yet to declare his intentions but has promised to do so soon.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to see AOC finally convicted of fraud, embezzlement, and the inability to perform her job. AOC is one of the dumbest people holding an office besides the Biden’s.

  2. Governor Abbott has performed his job with excellence throughout his term as Governor of Texas. The Dems always bring up negatives about any Conservative in order to gain votes. Weather is unpredictable. The U.S. needs to spend more money on alternative sources of energy like magnetism. We also need to develop our energy sources from being destroyed by Electra-magnetic impulses which could be initiated by atmospheric nuclear blasts. Russia and Communist China have been working desperately to launch this type of weapon against America.

  3. America also needs to create our Databases from being hacked by these operatives like Russia, Communist China, and North Korea. I would love to see all Western European countries ban together with the U.S. and Canada by working in concert to eliminate manufacturing being done in the countries like Communist China, India and any other country determined to destroy the Western countries Economic stability. The Dems have no brains and do not care about these issues at all.

  4. Since we can not control the weather, though some think they can, best Texas can hope for is that the power companies can keep the power flowing during the winter

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