General Kellogg: ‘Abysmal failure’ by Biden in Afghanistan

Keith Kellogg has been around the block a few times.

He has served as the Acting United States National Security Adviser after Michael Flynn was dismissed, the Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council, and Mike Pence’s National Security Adviser.

This does not even consider the more than three decades of service in the United States Army, retiring as a Lieutenant General with a fruit salad on his chest that includes a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with Valor and four oak leaf clusters.

Kellogg recently chimed in on Afghanistan, and his review of Biden’s decision-making is for adult ears only.

Abysmal Failure

The problem most Americans have regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal is how it was carried out.

Quite frankly, it is rather shocking that our military leaders were not more outspoken when Biden put his plan into play because it went against everything we know in carrying out a successful withdrawal.

Removing troops before embassy personnel and American citizens (as well as Afghan translators) was a recipe for failure.

Kellogg, on this idiocy, stated, “It’s an abysmal failure at the strategic level. That’s what the American people should be concerned about.

“It’s a lack of decision making, it’s a lack of really seeing what the problem is going forward, and it’s a lack of seeing what is going on on the ground and what’s happening here in Washington, D.C., at the leadership level.”

He added, “… What’s happening right now, it’s almost like they think it’s going to go away and ignore it. They did it at the border, and have now done it with Afghanistan, and they’re kind of saying, ‘well maybe if we just keep ignoring it, talk about something else out there, it’ll eventually go away.’

“I think Americans need to be concerned right now, we’re seeing a real lack of what I call command and control decision making at the most senior levels.”

Kellogg goes on to call out not only Joe Biden but also Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Blinken, and Defense Secretary Austin.

You can see the full interview in the video below…

Source: Daily Caller

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28 Responses

    1. it was probably planned, now We will give them money to get Our people out, along with all the other equipment we left behind. Biden is helping build their Country. Just a thought

  1. Good Evening well Marsha Blackburn your a sitting senator Stop ✋talking about Afghanistan and do something we all know what’s happening but we what action talk is Cheap all the general’s and general’s men can’t put bidens Custer -F—back together again get our Americans out of there most important United We Stand Divided We Fall

    1. the lying weaklings will blame Trump of course..thats the whole idea in their very small brains!

  2. The problem lies with why people choose to become Democrats in the first place. The people in 1776 who were most similar to today’s Democrats were those who were primarily afraid, or weak, ignorant, or lazy. They were Tories who feared retribution if they failed, weaklings who lacked the courage of their convictions, some who were too dumb to negotiate reality, or simply too lazy to stand up for what was right. History reveals this time and again. Doing the right thing is always hard, generally risky, and usually costly in some respect. Guys like Biden always took the path of least resistance. Look at his record. That’s what he taught his son. Cowardice is the Bidens’, and most Democrat’s, principal failing.

  3. The Republicans are pathetic. Where is the outrage, protesters, rallying cries??
    Where are our heroes? Who is going to stand up and do something? We don’t HAVE a government. All that we have left are incompetent fools. If I wasn’t 70 years old I would be on the street, hell, who’s with me????

    1. Republicans Pathetic? Do you forget that under the new regime any protests , other than by BLM or Antifia , are considered Domestic terrorism and anyone attending may be arrested and held without bond until their biased hearings. While I agree that the whole situation warrants action, but until the nation, as a whole, stands against this Nazi Dictatorship now running the country, it is doomed to fail.

    2. I’m 61 and I stand with you too ! by the way , I can read through their obtuse brains (DemonRats) they plan on rounding us up and put us on cattle cars and disapearing all of us….this has been done before through history and it should be obvious!!

  4. There are many persons who were working with the Biden that was an elected member of congress. Both senators and representatives knew that Biden.
    Now the Biden in the White House is also on display and comparisons/contrasts are glaringly revealing.
    Capability of the current Biden lacks the traits needed for Presidential tasks.

  5. as usual the clown, thief, joker , who knows what is there is going to blame and try to say someone else is at fault

    with no clue , but lots of crime in his history

    you have been fooled by the joker , the town idiot , clown of fools

    he is not running our gov. he is being handled and told what to say and do

    you can never trust a democrat or anything they say

    if they are speaking , look for the knife in your back and what is really going on.

    look at what and how they stole the election , then covered it up

    well this is demo bus. as usual , what can you expect

    all hell will follow and the backlash will last , deal with evil and evil is on the loose

    just like the fools who were there for obama , traitors , for terrorist , and money to make it go away

  6. Biden needs to be court martialled, charged with dereliction of duty and treason, and Obama as well. They should face a military tribunal, be convicted and executed. They KNOW what will happen to the Americans and afghanis who helped us ! They will be beheaded or burned alive! Their blood will be on Obama and biden’s Hands!

  7. Lets incist that the moron and the whore leave the White House or we pay no more taxes untill they are gone and Trump who won the 2020 election is put back in the White house to destroy the Talban

    1. I’d like to round them all up…all of them! that includes the imbeciles that voted for these maggots and make a game show out of them…not only does the winner of the daily game get some cash but they get to choose method of death and all performed on live TV…woo hoo!

  8. Biden & Harris the cackler are part ostrich, sorry ostrich . They always have their heads in the sand.

  9. On the news this morning they said, 4 US Soldiers at the Afghanistan air port was killed by an explosion, now will Biden be held responsible for the death of those Soldiers. Biden and all those pulling the strings have to be held responsible and removed from office and prosecuted and sent to Prison.

  10. On the news this morning they said, 4 US Soldiers at the Afghanistan air port was killed by an explosion, now will Biden be held responsible for the death of those Soldiers. Biden and all those pulling the strings have to be held responsible and removed from office and prosecuted and sent to Prison.

  11. I agree, nothing will happen. This administration act irresponsibly and is not in tune with our troops. They actually don’t care about these wonderful men and women.
    Impeach Mr. Biden, he and hes staff are jerks and irresponsible politicians. Not caring one bit about what is right. The hate for republicians runs deep. They will do anything to get rid of all of Trump accomplishments and bring this country to the brink of war.

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