Adam Schiff: ‘Powerful Evidence’ Against Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is at it again.

The man who claimed to have absolute proof of Trump colluding with Russians will try to pull a fast one on the American people again.

This time, it is regarding the riot on January 6 at the Capitol.

Here We Go Again

Schiff is arguably the least trustworthy member of Congress today.

He has literally told dozens of lies to the American people regarding Russian collusion.

How the people of California re-elected him to office in 2018 and 2020 after those lies were exposed is rather astonishing, but that is California.

Now, Schiff is pitching a similar narrative regarding the January 6 riot, claiming that Trump was behind it all.

Schiff stated, “The evidence is very powerful that Donald Trump … began telling this big lie even before the elections, that he was saying that any ballots counted after Election Day were going to be inherently suspect.

“That lie continued after the election and ultimately led to this mob assembling and attacking the Capitol.”

Schiff later added, “But I think what’s important, again, is the broad context of all of this, the knowledge prior to Jan. 6, that there were going to be violent white nationalist groups, assembling along with others on that mall.

“And the decision by the president nonetheless to incite that mob and do nothing while that attack was taking place.”

I have stated many times that I do not think that Trump should have spoken at the rally, but that does not mean I believe he wanted a riot at the Capitol.

We should also note that when the Trump administration heard reports that there could be some nefarious actors as well overwhelming numbers for attendance, it did request National Guard troops, a request that was denied.

Pelosi has never truly been held accountable for her role in a lack of security for the Capitol that day, something one might say she did hoping a riot would break out to set up this exact scenario.

I will say this… if Dems say Trump is responsible for the events that took place on January 6, then Democrats like Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, and Harris were responsible for the rioting that took place around the country after George Floyd died.

Democrats, especially Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and then-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) said far more inflammatory things than Trump ever did to incite violence during that summer.

Source: Daily Caller

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25 Responses

  1. Schiff is a lying Hypocrite politician with no evidence America Remember the Treachery of the Democrats and Rino’s and progressives Next election We The People Demand our country back from the Evil Politicians in Washington DC swamp.

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  2. He is so full of hate and jealousy, telling lies is all he has. He is a complete failure and needs to make the successful people look like him. What a complete disgrace to his party.

  3. We all know the Schiff is a lying sack and that this Jan. 6 Committee is only there to promote an effort to give legitimacy to the next step that will take place. Charging President Trump with illigitimate criminal charges so that they will disqualify him from running for President again.

  4. Adam Schiff is just like Biden, If his lips are moving he is not being truthful. He should be removed from all committes he is a danger to the U.S.

  5. The real question is WHO DENIED the POS the request for the National Guard?

    I still believe the Dems are behind the entire scene and unfortunately, the POS fell for it.

    Why would anyone believe anything the Shifty Schiff has to say after his out and out lies on Russian collusion? Such powerful evidence-NOT!

  6. Shifty Schiff is the last, I mean last person anyone should listen to or believe. He is the biggest liar in Congress and he is so full of s— his face & eyes are bloated with this excrement. Amazing how he always seems to have the proof but he can never deliver it. They should have thrown him out of Congress after their 1st. Hokey impeachment!!! LIAR, LIAR, SHIFTY’S PANTS ON FIRE !!!!

  7. When will we wake up and see that the democraps are nothing but a bunch of liars and scum bags. This dimwit should be behind bars at the least. If anyone group has committed sedition it is the democraps. They stole the 2020 election from not only President Trump but many other legitimate candidates. Since the steal, they are doing everything that they can to destroy America and American Patriots and will continue on their agenda until true Patriots put a stop to it. As one judge said. There are ways to make change in this country. The jury box, the ballot box and the ammo box. Looks like we have exhausted two out of three.

  8. Adam Schiff is nothing but a low life lying POS that is doing nothing to help the American people. And in the end, he and the rest of the Traitors will be destroyed by the American people. Thats the day that the American people are waiting for.

  9. Who are the IDIOTS that keep electing this lying liberal piece of trash ??? NOBODY COULD BE IGNORANT ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY VOTE FOR THIS LYING FOOL !!!! Schiff IS proof that some people really don’t deserve to breathe !!!

  10. Schiff is part of Soros deep state, DaVos plan to not let Trump run again. His sister is married to a family member of Soros. Clinton daughter is married to Soros nephew. Schiff has proven to be a lying POS. He needs to be taken off all his duties in Congress.

  11. What part of Trump offering National Guard Troops prior to Jan 6th and PELOSI refusing the help does schifty SCHIFTLESS SCHIFF not understand.?

    1. Nancy already had her plan made. Antifa and BLM and Nancy’s FBI why were the police opening the gates and waving people in? This was her plan! Investigate Nancy !!!

  12. This guy is a walking talking peice of SH_T. Why is anyone still listening to him. He is a proven liar so they want to kill a Supreme Court justice I think someone needs to send a whirlwind to him.

  13. Another way too spend our money. My personal opinion is the democrats are liars and Liz Cheney needs to be fired. Maxine Water
    Should be prosecuted for her many rants encouraging harm to be done to Republicans and media. The Chicago riots were instigated by Soros thugs and many comments from Democrats instigated murders, businesses destroyed due to fires and riots. Republicans need to step up for once and set up a committee for instigation.
    Better yet throw them in prison and throw away the key. Listening to
    anything Schiff says will be lies. He.has a problem with.the truth. Just another way to defame Trump. Why can’t Trump say what he has to say? The Democrats certainly say anything even if it is untrue. If the Republicans would have done their jobs and stood with Trump and worked to show who did win in 2020 we the working people would not be hurting financially. This election was STOLLEN and the Democrats should pay for this. Biden is just.Soros, Pelosi , and Obama’s little stooge. If anyone
    Instagated for impeachment is Biden. Criminal investations done on
    Soros, Pelosi, Clinton and Obama need to be completed and jail time or fired. Big tech and money babies also.. Supreme Court justice tends to lean for Democrats or these people would be out!!!!!

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