Border Patrol Agents Plug Gaps in Border Wall

After moving into the White House, one of Joe Biden’s first acts was to halt border wall construction.

This was idiotic considering the project had already been paid for.

The idiocy level increases significantly when you realize massive holes were left in the fence where old fencing had been taken down and new fencing was about to be put up.

So, the Border Patrol has decided to take matters into its own hands.

We Got This

When Joe Biden halted the project, there was a 20-foot gap in one area of fencing that saw significant traffic from illegal border crossings.

The big gap was giving illegals unfettered access to the border, so agents plugged the hole in the wall on their own.

They used just about anything they could find to construct a make-shift section of fencing that was comprised of stray fencing, old truck tires, and other materials that were left behind by the construction crews.

Border Patrol Agent Richard Barragan stated, “We have some agents who are good welders, and they put it all together.”

The fencing area now looks more like a child’s fort than a border wall built by what is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world, but it does seem to be serving its purpose.

It is obviously not as effective as the completed section of border wall, but at least it is hampering illegals from just rushing across the border.

So far this year, in the El Paso sector, agents have apprehended 155,892 illegals.

In all of fiscal year 2020 (which ends on September 30), there were only 54,396 illegals apprehended.

If they have apprehended that many, imagine how many more have slipped through the cracks.

Digest that and ask Biden to explain those numbers next time he says his plan is working for Americans.

Source: New York Post

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27 Responses

    1. amen damn biden the court told him to go back to remain in mexico yet they arent ? why the hell not!!! i have read several time court said back to TRUMP POLICY REMAIN IN MEXICO WAS ORDERED NO OPEN BOARDER?? ANYONE?

      1. B^i^d^e^n is perhaps the most incompetent, inept, heartless, h^e^a^t^h^e^n b^a^s^t^a^r^d ever to occupy the WH. Same for his democrap buddies in congress and their financiers (bloomberg, soros, steyer, et al).

  1. It is about time that the Border Patrol Agents take matter into their own hands. Thief Biden is not legally to run our country because the 2020 election is a fraud with the help of the crooked Democrat rats and the swamp to destroy our country.

    1. Everyone needs to read and share the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE PARAGRAPH 2.

  2. This has to be more than just President Biden working on the White house affairs, he’s so out of it he hasn’t the where with direct, America is an has been a Nation of laws and constitution and Military an police an judges to back it all up , and no one does sip !why ? Has to be planed, organized by some in the back ground, happen before in France ,Germany, an more. by design,where are the Republicans? Who suppose to stand for the right, The Bible tells of this all, I’m stayed by faith in it, with out it I’d be lost like them all.

    1. You can guess there are people using him to further their agenda.
      He hasn’t had an original thought for some time. We have to wait
      it out and recover as best we can when sanity again prevails.

    2. Absolutely right. Bumbling idiot Biden is Obummer’s third term. George Soros has been trying to destroy our country and our government for years – now with that mental midget idiot Biden, he is succeeding. Biden and his whole “administration” should be immediately removed from office.

    1. And in doing so we should round up all the leftist hate filled crumbs and send them to Afghanistan to live there the rest of their lives, NEVER again allowed in our great nation. They have been trying to destroy the best nation on earth for some ungodly reason and we do not want them here. They are a worse enemy than every horrid nation on earth. None, however, would be permitted to take children with them.

  3. good, it’s past time to start doing for America, and not too-bit politicians. who have been collecting aou ragious salaries and benefits, and doing for themselves.

  4. WHEN are we going to get RID of the enemy of the US living (when not on vacation) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? I say PAY ATTENTION TO ELAINE! (above)

  5. AliBiden and his forty thieves are way more dangerous than the Taliban, AlQueda,and Isis combined

  6. Biden needs to be replaced and the way is the is in the 28 amendment I think. the problem is Harris can not handle the office of being president. same as Biden. She has made a mess as VP her staff is in a mess with her orders now. what happens when it all goes bad? can’t just run and hide and she would, impeach both and look who we got. yep the speaker of the house, and that is not good. ok folks what do we do now? [ Help Mr. Trump ] This is my thinking, I am just an old Cherokee and we do need help. Horace reed just call me horse i like better.

  7. Remove all communist democrats for not enforcing the laws of our land and protecting our borders from the illegal insurgency that has been invading our land!

    1. Right. Tucker Carlson showed recently that Hungary has secured their border with chain link fence with razor wire on top. The don’t have people rushing their border. If somebody does get through, they are sent back immediately. That’s the way it should be here. Why don’t the contractors who have already been paid, go ahead and build the wall. I heard not too long ago, we are paying them $2 billion to guard the wall pieces laying on the ground.

      Hooray for the Border Patrol!! Wish we had thousands more of them. If i was younger, I would be happy to go down there and help them build the wall – at 80 years old, I’m too old. Pray for them.

  8. Police departments , no matter what they are called , are to enforce the laws of the land . To be told by some elected official , no matter how high the official is , to ignore the laws and not enforce them , is at least simply breaking the law themselves . This president should be forced from office for malfeasance , if for no other reason . These mayors and city councils that tell police to “stand down” and let these worthless slugs destroy property and endanger lives, should be arrested for obstruction of justice . Just when are the people in these cities that are under attack , going to grow a set and say , enough is enough , and stop this lawlessness in its tracks?

  9. When the “VILLAGE IDIOT IN CHEIF” refuses, or is incapable of doing his job, GOOD men HAVE to do the right thing themselves !!!!!!!!!!! It is way past time for the country to IGNORE the stupidity at the top, and go our own way !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Biden your a joke your so ignored that you cant even give a speech that people can understand you get lost just walking around the Block and your wife has to wipe you as*

  11. yeah it is finally happening that people stand up to the lack of integrity, dishonesty, unlawful leaders of our country who are also there illegally as our representatives….THANKS FOR HAVING THE GUTS TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AT OUR BORDER…

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