Alec Baldwin Chases Reporter in NYC

Last week, Alec Baldwin gave his first interview since the tragic shooting on the set of “Rust.”

By most accounts, it was one of the worst acting performances of Baldwin’s career.

When approached by a reporter about the shooting on the Upper East Side, Baldwin just about lost it and charged at the reporter.

Easy, Alec

Baldwin was approaching a private residence when the reporter approached him.

While it may not be the best way to get an interview, the reporter was well within his rights where he was standing.

The residence itself may be private property, but the sidewalk is not.

The New York Post’s Jon Levine asked Baldwin, “Wait, Mr. Baldwin, I have to ask you, what brings you to New York City?”

He added, “Mr. Baldwin why…. who’s here?”

While this was going on, Baldwin’s wife was asking the reporter to go away, but he persisted.

Baldwin then charged at the man before returning to the residence and telling his wife to get inside…

Baldwin has thrown just about everyone under the bus regarding this shooting except himself.

He insists that he only cocked the hammer but never pulled the trigger.

What he insists happened, the gun went off on its own, is not possible.

Furthermore, he admittedly did not follow basic firearms safety procedures, instead choosing to “trust” the workers on the set to do their part.

I hate to tell you, Alec, but someone lost their life, so you don’t get to play that card here because someone must be held accountable.

For a man that is constantly attacking people on social media, it is somewhat ironic that he gets rattled so quickly now that all the attention is on him.

Source: Breitbart

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15 Responses

  1. Remember the saying,” better to keep your mouth shut,& let everyone think you a fool,than open it & remove all doubt”?

    1. Irresponsible moron is all Baldwin is. Anyone that point a gun at a person is as dumb as snail crap. He thinks he is more important than anyone else.

  2. If that’s not guilty then I don’t know what is anymore 🤣🤣sad part is he has no real conscience only crocodile tears and someone died because he was ignorant and careless

  3. I guess he lets the women folk do his bidding & fighting!!! He is a coward for starters. He escoriated the woman cop from Minnesota who shot a fleeing felon with her sidearm when she thought she was using a taser. Now that he has murdered someone, he has nothing to say? I would of told the reporter under advice of counsel I can’t speak about what happened but oh so politely. I would of also escorted my wife inside & returned outside for about 30 seconds. Then told the reporter have a goodnight. But obviously he has no manners???

  4. Baldwin has stated on a interview i watched several years ago, that he is always ty smartest person in the room. He also said acting is so easy for him. Ok Alec we are not buying your crocodile tears!

  5. Baldwin does not understand how guns work. If you pull the hammer back there is a safer mechanism that keeps it from firing .However, if the the trigger is pulled and the hammer is pulled back and let go of course it will fire. Baldwin had is finger on the trigger, regardless of what he says. He is lieing and does not want to understand how guns work.

  6. If I remember right, didn’t this clown say “I wonder what it’s like to accidentally shoot someone” well he did, now throw the book at him. He is an arrogant POS

  7. I want to know why he is not being charged? At the very least it was manslaughter. If you have a gun in your hand you better not point it at anyone. I was taught to check my gun. To make sure whether or not my gun has rounds in it. If that kid in Michigan’s parents are being charged why isn’t Baldwin. He is responsible for killing one and wounding another. Oh I almost for got he’s a Democrat

  8. Just how many people does this retard have to kill before he is put away ??? His actions over the years have proven that he is mentally unstable and his obviously uncontrollable temper have put him in situations that anyone else would have already been serving jail time for, but I guess MONEY AND FAME really do have their advantages !! It really makes me wonder just what this fool has to do to actually be held accountable for HIS OWN actions !! LOCK THIS ELITE HOLLYWOOD PIECE OF TRASH UP, HE IS NO BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE AND NOW HIS OBVIOUSLY UNCONTROLLABLE TEMPER HAS CAUSED HIM TO TAKE THE LIFE ON AN INNOCENT WOMAN !! Is there really anybody out there that didn’t see this coming, after his numerous acts of temper infused rage ?? If the murder of this innocent young woman goes unpunished, HE WILL DO IT AGAIN, wait and see !!! THIS PERSON HAS NO PLACE IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY, HE IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE, AND A DANGER TO EVERYBODY !!!

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