Allen West Hospitalized with COVID-19

Texas politics took a major blow this week on the COVID-19 front.

Allen West, who will be challenging Governor Abbott in the Republican primary race for governor, has been hospitalized.

Both West and his wife tested positive for COVID after attending an in-person fundraising event in Seabrook, TX, last week.

Feeling Good

West stated that although he has been hospitalized, he does feel okay.

He stated, “No complaints. I’m just relaxing.”

At the time, West was awaiting the results of some chest x-rays.

West had not been vaccinated, but he and his wife received monoclonal antibodies as a treatment for the virus.

One of the reasons West had been hospitalized was because his oxygen saturation levels were lower than normal.

A major part of West’s campaign has been to fight vaccination mandates.

Even though he is a conservative, West was among those protesting outside of Governor Abbott’s home over COVID restrictions that had been put in place in Texas.

West also protested when Abbott put some initial lockdown measures in place, which included a statewide mask mandate.

None of those restrictions are now in place.

West also recently made national headlines when his wife was wrongly arrested on a DUI stop (her blood test later came back clean).

Recover quickly, Col. West.

Source: Politico

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13 Responses

      1. I’m joining others in prayer for Allen West and his wife, may they receive Gods healing soon.🙏👼

  1. Oh no, I pray for him and his wife for God can heal them. I hope so he is back normal sooner.

  2. Why are the Democrats trying their best to destroy America? Why are they so vindictive Biden and his base just think they must cancel everything President Trump put in effect to help our country? Is their hate so great they must tear down what most Americans agree best for our country? It is a sad situation. As radical politicians act so horribly, the taxpayers pay. I want a refund…but I didn’t vote for you. So….Joe, everyone isn’t exactly happy about your newly formed inflation., and all the mess that is happening….crises of all kinds, as we speak.

  3. Haris is just hiding out like she did when she was ordered by Biden to go down to the boarder , She was seen coming back from californiana.Bit she is spending time with buddy.Biden is killing people off with this vaccine and read that now they come out with a pill for ya to take too.How much he he going to put down peoples throats?I will stick with my own Immune system and vitamin C, D3, Zinc plus my mutivitamins.

    1. GOOD LUCK…
      There’s Now Been Over 200,000,000 Vaxx Shots and Just How Many Have Died ??? Less Than .01%…How Many MORE Would Had Died If NONE Of Us Had Had No Vaxx ??? You Saw How It Was Going a Year Ago When The Was NO Vaccines Ready ??? 1000s n 1000s n 1000s Were Dying EVERYDAY…

      The Majority Of CVoVID-19 and DELTA Deaths Right Now… Are From The UNVaxx…As of 08-25-21, Just in LA. Alone…There Were 43,000 Cases and of Them 30,801 Were UNVaxx !!!

      So Go Ahead And Keep On Thinking Your INVINCIBLE

      P.S…Vit C, D3 and Zinc Are Histamines Already In Your Multivitamins…Have You Ever Hear Of Antihistamines ( Which is TOO MUCH Histamines which Blocks the Usage of Histamines ) AND Histamines Have NOTHING To Do In Blocking The CoVID Virus !!! Like I Said GOOD LUCK

  4. ” West ( and his wife ) had NOT been vaccinated ” Need I Anything More ???

    What He’s Done is PROVE That Being Vaxx Out Weights Not Being Vaxx !!!
    Had They Both Had Been Wearing…at the Very Least…A Mask ?

    But These Anti Everything People’s ( Republican’s or DemonRats, esp the DemonRats ) All Whom Think…Gee…It WON’T Happen to Me, Bcuz, I’M INVINCIBLE !!!

    Mr n Mrs West ARE VERY LUCKY That They Only Have ” Mild ” Cases…

    I Bet a $1 for Donuts…That They BOTH Had Their Polio n Measles n Chicken Pox n Mumps and Probably Their Yearly Flu Shots Without Even Thinking About INFRINGMENT !!!

    1. Hey putz wearing a mask won’t protect you. They only protect others from you (marginnaly at best).

      1. WRONG !!! The K95 Protects YOU From Others…The Surgeons Masks Protect Others from You ( that’s why they wear them during surgeries so as NOT to Spread Germs to the patient Putz

        1. The K95 masks have been designated for medical personel only. They are very hard to find. The disposable ones, that are worn the most, say right on the boxes they come in ” These Masks will not protect against Viral infection ” believe it or not Covid-19 is a Viral infection.

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