Amid Taliban Threat, Biden Will NOT Extend August 31 Deadline

Joe Biden has just made himself look like the weakest United States president in history.

Amid numerous reports of a possible deal and/or extension, Biden has now caved to Taliban pressure.

It was announced earlier today that Joe Biden will NOT extend the August 31 deadline to have troops off the ground in Afghanistan.

Early Reports

Earlier today, we reported on two different rumors that were floating around.

The first was that the CIA boss had secretly met with the Taliban, presumably to secure an extension.

There were also rumors that a possible payout was in the works or had been made to secure that deadline.

Either way, both are moot at this point because Joe Biden has just put everyone’s life on the clock.

With the Pentagon reportedly giving Joe Biden 24 hours to decide if he will extend or have all boots off the ground by August 31, Fox News is reporting that Biden has decided against extending the deadline.

It has been widely projected that there is simply no way all Afghan friendlies and US citizens can be evacuated by that time, which means people will undoubtedly be left to fend for themselves once all the troops are gone.

Unless Biden is able to pull off some miracle with the help of our allies, there will be blood on his hands.

And you better believe if it can be proven that a single American has been harmed at the hands of the Taliban (or by anyone, for that matter), there will be a very strong push to impeach Biden.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

      1. He should be dropped in the middle of Afghanistan and told to work his way to the Airport by August 31st or be left behind with the other 3000 Americans trying to get to the airport.

  1. What a disgrace this not elected President is. He wasn’t elected by the American people, he stole the election, get him out, put in the rightful winner so he can save America! This is ridiculous! I don’t understand why with all the proof they have, and the entire world knows Biden didn’t win, why they don’t just evict this lying thief and Walmart Jill, and put our real President and First Lady back in OUR white house!!!! He should be arrested for treason, along with Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Harris Ho, Hillary and Schiff! Barr! Mike Pence! Rid America of this vermon.

    1. We need a revolution, plain and simple. Biden only seems interested in jabbing people. Has ordered millions of doses. Who is going to get them? FDA is big liars with years of poisons to their credit.

    2. Well said, I’m totally disgusted with Biden and Harris, they
      need to be impeached, Now!!!

  2. What is congressman waiting for????? Get them ALL out of Washington and White House. Corruption at its finest

      1. The eff bee eye is currently run by deep state democrats. Oh, thats right same difference.

  3. This incompetent person, I won’t even say his name, and I sure won’t call him President, needs impeachment proceedings for this
    entire fiasco. I’m a veteran sure. But it doesn’t go take a rocket scientist to know that you pull all civilians, Americans and friendlies first
    Then soldiers and equipment. This is a disgrace to everyone.

  4. I’m sure Hillary said it’s ok Joe, I left people to die in Bengahzi! what’s a few more…. not nice to say, I know but he needs to be shoved out the back door. our congress are too wrapped up in themselves to even think about going against this idiot. First get Pelosi out so she can’t be the President when the other 2 are eliminated… However that may come to be.

  5. Biden’s Administration is like a car with 2 flat tires. Changing the one will not fix the problem.

  6. Stop saying he looks like the weakest President .He is the weakest leader in the whole world

  7. More of the most incompetant and the stupid in charge to create utter koas , how can we listen to the worst of the worst
    when the responses are : Who cares , fend for yourself , and the world sees a week , incompetant people who cannot be trusted , while we all the fools to lead you down with the falling of america as they keep saying climet change and new order
    they give money as a petantence for the mistakes they create
    the could care less of people , while they scheme of thier next move to take over and promise you the best while you sink like the titanic , the ship is going down and you all will fall with it.

    get ready for social control called totalitarianism , like communism , but more blood shed

    China is a great example of what this will look like

    you are told, you are incarcerated for disobedience , and you have no freedom , your a empty carcus , like joe the joke in washington the crime capital of the old usa

  8. Remember folks , everything they do is deliberate!!that is why they are known as DEMONRATS!

  9. He’s a disgrace after disgrace, after disgrace. When do we get rid of them all. This is beyond disgusting and pathetic what they have done to this country. Time for a real rebellion of good results. They are sewer rats 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  10. Yes, I agree the entire bunch of Biden’s team is nothing but sewer
    rats and killer of the innocents.

  11. Shame! Shame! Shame! ◄ Proverbs 14:12 ►
    King James Verse of the Bible clearly proclaim, that: “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” There is a way that seems right unto man, but there of is destruction. We are instructed by the Word of God to pray for those that are in authority, that we may live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness, not attach them. O ye of little faith! Trust in God with all of your hearts and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him/God and He/God will/shall direct your paths. Jesus, Himself weep for the lost sheep of the Household of God.

  12. They said earlier that a C-17 takes off from the airport every 48 minutes. Why do we have to send them in “empty”? Load them up with the 101st and the Marines and then go out “amongst ’em” and get our people no matter how long it takes. Simple, Yes??? If the Taliban get in the way then bury them where they fall!! Take our time and make sure we have everyone. The less Taliban left alive the better!!! Just a thought.

  13. The FBI no’s they need to rid themselves of the Biden administration he is a loco renegade president

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