Angry Parent Threatens Attendees at Ft. Worth School Board Meeting

We are now starting to see the flip side of the CRT argument in this country.

While the overwhelming complaints we have seen have been against critical race theory being taught, some support it.

One such parent showed up at the Fort Worth Independent School District board meeting last week and he ended up being escorted out after a blatant threat.

Locked and Loaded

Malikk Austin was clearly agitated that parents are objecting to CRT being taught.

When he got his time at the microphone, he seemed to spend more time yelling and threatening other parents than he did talking to the board.

Austin stated, “For those who got an issue with this critical race theory equity, this is something I fight for, for my children.

“How dare you come out here and talk about the things that my daddy and my grandparents went through, the lynching, the oppression, Jim Crow, and my kids are still being afflicted by this.”

“We are not our ancestors.

“I got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go.

As he was being removed from the meeting, he left them with one last thought, stating, “I’ll bring my soldiers with me next time… locked and loaded.”

Hollie Plemmons, who was the woman you can hear in the background of that video, stated, “I felt it was completely inappropriate that the board did not stop that.”

Carol Guarneri added, “Everyone there felt threatened.”

She continued, “This gentleman was profoundly angry, he was not putting on a performance.

“When he made the statement that he had his thousand soldiers and they’d be back locked and loaded, it was very frightening to me.”

Now all of these parents have to drop their children off at school with the thought of that threat looming over their heads.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. Why is he not in JAIL ? If this had been a WHITE MAN THREATENING BLACK ATTENDEES THAT WHITE MAN WOULD BE SO FAR BACK IN THE JAIL THEY WOULD HAVE TO PIPE SUNLIGHT TO HIM ! Where is the equality ? These Blacks say they want equal treatment well treat them equal if a white person threatens them just laugh it off and go on. THAT WOULD BE EQUAL TREATMENT !!

  2. That is a terrorist threat.I thought it was a jailable offense. Our country is tirning to communism right before our eyes.

  3. Most likely an empty threat. I scoff at the returning with 1000 troops. Right. That is as absurd a threat as I’ve heard. However, what I find ironic is the cowards on the school board allowed this to happen! Yet, threats against them are not tolerated. Double standard.

  4. This is just terrifying-:( You can thank Obama, he set this country back 80 years-:( i will never forget when he said if he had a son he would be like Trevon!! The beginning of the end for peaceful race relations

  5. To the parents doesn’t fort Worth School that had to listen to this black moron spew his trash if you have fear of this clown if you have a husband bring them along and arm up Texas has an open carry law

  6. Unfortunately, no matter how ridiculous and false the CRT message is, there are always the deluded that will push it…by whatever means. This poor, homicidal idiot should be carted to a facility for criminally insane.

  7. So where is the fbi and surveillance of this communist democrat pedophile cult terrorist! This is what you would call a real domestic terrorist threat!

  8. If anyone earned the title of home-grown terrorist this guy does now lets see if the FBI will do anything, to be truthful I would be very surprised if anything is done to him

  9. I agree and just why isn’t Pelosi, the D.C. Mayor and the clowns being summoned to testify just what their role was in the Jan 6 insurgence. Cities burned yet “they had a reason”. I’m not sure what it was, perhaps Looting.

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