Another Member of Biden’s Communication Team Bails

Joe Biden has lost yet another key member of his communications staff.

Apparently, Joe Biden’s endless blunders created a mass exodus.

The latest to go is Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin.

Gotta Go, Joe

One would imagine that Gwin goes home with bloody fingers just about every day working for Joe Biden.

As Rapid Response Director, his job is to immediately address any attacks on social media against the Biden administration.

When you consider how many times Joe Biden has misspoken or had to have comments walked back, I would imagine that Gwin has been quite busy.

This is the third resignation or transition that department has seen this week.

Two other Biden staffers, Vedant Patel and Amanda Finney, announced they would be moving to other departments earlier in the week.

Those moves were perceived to be less than lateral, more or less leaving the big leagues for safer waters in other departments just to get away from Biden.

Gwin is doing much the same, moving over to the Treasury Department to become the deputy assistant secretary for public affairs.

This could also be part of the shakeup we anticipated happening after the election, as Joe Biden has been vocal behind the scenes about being undermined by his communications staff.

Source: Daily Caller

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7 Responses

  1. I keep seeing question posts asking if you want Biden to be impeached, and I wish that there will be something he does that will actually allow this to happen, but the Democrats are protecting him from it no matter how bad he is for our country. Just the deals he was involved with his son Hunter with the Russian/Ukraine oil deal that gave “The Big Guy” (Joe Biden) should be enough, though we might be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire due to the person, VP Harris that has done nothing of value for our country! Biden has done nothing but hurt our economy since he took office, all the gains I have seen in my IRAs under the last President have disappeared, and at my age, I rely on them to survive. I may have to end up selling my home that I built from the footings up to survive this idiot’s policies. I have to wonder if Sleepy Joe and his son are profiting from the oil in Ukraine and Russian fields Hunter and the “Big Guy” have a connection to.

  2. Well, that was five minutes wasted writing a post only to have it deleted right away. What is it Captcha? Is it ever so many posts that are just deleted or is it something said that you didn’t like, because my post didn’t have any bad language and only spoke the truth as I see it,. But I guess that is too much free speech for you.

    1. I had no bad language either only my thoughts which every American has the right to say out loud WELCOME to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

  3. The ship is SINKING, an the “Rats” are leaving . . . no surprises here !. November is coming, when a LOT MORE will be “Out of a Job”, along with their bosses.

  4. The rats are Jumping off the sinking ship The USS BIDEN. Good Maybe they will start spilling out the Truth about Biden and his Handlers LIES.

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