REPORT: AOC Caught Enjoying the Miami Sunshine

Well, well, well…

Wear your mask, don’t travel, stay home…

All things AOC has said, yet there she was, basking maskless in the Florida sunshine, sucking down cocktails with her beau.

Do as I say… Not as I do.


New York apparently did not have enough freedom for AOC to enjoy her holiday weekend.

So, she appears to have gotten on a plane and headed down to Florida to enjoy a maskless vacation.

Unfortunately, for AOC, she was recognized and photographed.

The moment the photo appeared in the National Review, social media absolutely blew up…

Even Governor Ron DeSantis’ office got in on the fun…

Keep in mind, this is the same AOC that hammered Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) when he took a quick getaway during the power outages in Texas.

New York is now among the leaders in the new COVID surge and there is a huge shortage of first responders, yet their representative is off having fun in the sun.

It is good to know that AOC has her constituents at the top of her priority list.

As the tweet stated, New Yorkers, you are being played.

What do you think of AOC going to Florida when New York is in crisis?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News & National Review

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23 Responses

  1. What for you expect from a shameless db. And so what’s new as well. These screeching memes are here for themselves. Look at what the illegals are doing to our country. Need I say more?


  3. Yes, they the leaders of the group are all good religious people from the top down they were taught by the best — I know our’s told us a young children to do as I tell you not as I do – but Biden and Pelosi can have a private audience with the Pope [of course, so can you if you pay the going rate for one]…

  4. Just moronic bartender that doesn’t have the brains God gave a rubber duck. Sadly, the idiots who voted for her are worse. THEY could observe this dope and STILL voted for her.

  5. It is probably better for NY that she is in Florida when you give it some thought.

  6. AOC is a Moron Nazi Traitor to the American People and the Constitution she needs to be removed from office and to be removed from office

  7. BEST QUESTION IS “WHO VOTED FOR THIS AMERICAN HATING PIECE OF S***”!!!! AOC/SQUAD, every person who put these people in office should be ashamed! REALLY

  8. All of the liberal media and the select democratic (so called) representatives are tasking themselves with the erosion of our country as we knew and forming a totalitarian regime where their word will be the final word when it comes to anything. Sort of like the old Russia before that wall was tore down. Many people, especially the young haven’t a clue what Stalinism was or even heard the name. Right now, this very moment, the public school system has been directed to teach more on race and other politically driven topics than on a true education. This is how Hitler started his Hitler Youth movement also. Starting young. Brainwashing is more a deserving term. The goal…a one party system. Keep a close eye on what is going on in your government, local or otherwise. AOC and the likes of her, are loaded with evil intentions for America and if we do not take action, they will get their wishes and we lose our freedoms

  9. Did she take a private jet to Florida so she didn’t have to wear a mask. Who paid for the trip and meal? To date her no way. Wouldnt touch her with ten foot pole!

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