AOC Launches Vicious Attack Against Supreme Court

Democrats are terrified that the Supreme Court will uphold the Mississippi abortion law.

Even though the law will only place more restrictions on abortions, now outlaw them, Democrats act as though this will be overturning Roe v. Wade.

So, they are all applying pressure, the latest being AOC.

Here We Go

AOC’s attack called out the current court and the fact that Trump appointed three of the justices.

She tweeted, “Out of 9 justices, 3 were appointed by a man who tried to overthrow the US government (& elected via minority).

“Those 3 will decide whether the US will legalize forcing people to give birth against their will.

“Legitimacy requires consent of the governed. They are dismantling it.”

Also, notice the top portion of that tweet, where she claims the allegations that were debunked against Kavanaugh are still credible.

That tweet is loaded with misinformation, yet it remains up without any tags from Twitter.

AOC is now in a long line of Democrats trying to create hostilities toward the Supreme Court.

We all know that if the Supreme Court upholds this law, there will be rioting by liberals around the country.

With Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, and Senator Shaheen (D.N.H.) all having openly used threatening language against the court, clearly egging on protesters and rioters to go after them, will they be held accountable for those actions the way Democrats are going after Trump for what happened on January 6?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Do you think the Supreme Court will overturn or uphold the Mississippi abortion law?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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35 Responses

  1. The only reason AOC get so much attention, is. She is such a hair brain idiot. If their are riots, then those ones in congress should be fired. Let a woman make her decision to abort it but within nine weeks only.

    1. This is 2021 and if you do not want to have a baby then DON’T get pregnant. There are so many options out there for both, men and woman to prevents having too face this situation. How about this, “BE RESPONSIBLE!!” LIKE, DUH!!

    2. Ok, I am 70 and I wouldn’t do what I stateded above but I also feel I should have that Right. Listen. I know I have lived alot longer than I’m going to live, my days are numbered. How long I have?? I don’t know but I am healthy and still going strong but IF, down the road, I’m told I have cancer?? I don’t think that I would want to go through radiation or chemo therapy or operations even if the prognosis was positive but at what ever age I might be at it should be my RIGHT to end my life peacefully, painless and still having some dignity left within me.

        1. NO, I am simply saying what they say, “MY BODY MY CHOICE.” Why should that only count for abortions?? That’s the point I am making so NO, I AM NOT OFF TOPIC!!!

        2. Government has no business in abortion other than the health/sanatary application to the place of the event, abortion must be between the woman, the man, the doctor and the spiritual advisor. BUT they all must ask themselves this question: What does the Creator have planned in the future of the aborted one, that an abortion will remove?

        1. Get off the Religious kick. What you are quoting came out of a book that MAN wrote not GOD. If mankind survives, let say another 3, 4 thousand years, they will look back at our beliefs and say, “HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THEY HAVE BEEN SO IGNORANT.”

          1. Griffith, don’t feel sorry for me. The ones you should feel sorry for are the ones who live in a fantasy world quoting things that were written by MAN hundreds of years ago. Religion has ALWAYS been a tool for control of people. Look at the Myans and the Aztec who sacrifice woman and children in the name of their God and their whole civilization was behind it and how we look back at them and say they were NUTS for doing what they did. BUT OH MY, WE TODAY KNOW ALL THE RIGHT ANSWERS!! NO WE DON’T.

  2. Supreme Court is liberal.
    Kavanaugh is trembling/ terrified.
    Barrett is hiding behind him !
    Democrats never quit on a good lie !
    Win lose or draw , all my votes will be R.
    Brandon is a big mouth bragging loser .
    Brandon’s brain isn’t made for thinking.
    Brandon’s biggest challenge is keeping track of his growing list of lies !!
    Crack is plentiful , Merry Xmas Hunter !
    10% Brandon is the big guy . China Joe.
    Brandon let’s COVID walk into America.
    I expect a sick immigrant to kill Joe with Covid……. Happy thoughts !

  3. She did say 1 thing that
    maybe the dems should be afraid of. “Legitimacy requires consent of the governed.” I don’t consent to alot of the crap they have been doing.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. That shows how hypocritical they are. I have not consented to being locked down, having to wear a mask and I especially have not consented to being forced to put an experimental jab in my body. They can’t have it both ways. They only follow the laws and constitution when it benefits them which is rarely.

  4. Hey you stupid little Commie. Did you ever head of the 3 branches of government. You must be voted out of office next November, you are too stupid to be on any government job. Read the Constitution and the Federalist papers before you open your istupid mouth.

  5. AOC is one on NY biggest idiots she wants everyone to ride a train to Australia. Brilliance she is not. She blows hot air out of all her holes.

  6. It may be time to build a fence around the Supreme Court building. Wondering how many liberals would act outraged if the judicial branch of government was attacked?

  7. I just had my shih tzu spayed because I didn’t want her to have puppies. Humans who don’t want progeny should adopt the same premise, get ‘spayed’ instead of killing another person for your mistake, quit using abortion as a birth contraceptive because it is not, it is murder! In today’s world, there should be zero excuse for unwanted pregnancies! Evan when conception happens during rape, it is still a life other than yours, adopt it out or change your attitude of being a parent! So many options to killing that innocent baby that was solely a victim of carelessness or apathy!


  9. aoc is a communist. She hates America and the freedoms it offers. Abortion should not be allowed as a means of birth control!

  10. AOC, another idiot who does not understand the Constitutional three branches of government and the reason for them to be equal but seperate?

  11. What has she done except bad mouth this nation AOC is disgrace and needs to be replaced

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  13. It really doesn’t do any good to post comments, the “thought NAZIS” won’t let you post what you think, they are a bunch of sissies with a “pu” at the beginning

    1. But the Nazis loved Hitler can’t say the same for Biden he is hated more than Hitler he is on the bottom lower tham whale crap

  14. It really doesn’t do any good to post comments, the “thought NAZIS” won’t let you post what you think, they are a bunch of sissies with a “pu” at the beginning!!

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