AOC ‘Racist’ Narrative About Suspended Olympian Debunked

When Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended for a month, a decision that means she will miss the Olympics, many in the nation were furious.

AOC used this as a way to push the racist narrative again, only her claim has been completely debunked.

Looking at past suspensions of Olympians, Richardson may have gotten off easy.

The Suspension

Rules are rules, I get that, but this suspension is ridiculous.

Marijuana is not a performing enhancing drug and it is legal in almost half the states in this country.

But, again, Richardson knew the rules when she signed up, something even she herself had admitted.

She is not looking for empathy and she does not want to be a poster child, but that is what AOC is trying to do.

After Richardson was suspended, AOC tweeted, “The criminalization and banning of cannabis is an instrument of racist and colonial policy.

“The IOC should reconsider its suspension of Ms. Richardson and any athletes penalized for cannabis use.”

When looking at past suspensions of white athletes, however, AOC’s narrative is completely debunked.

In 2009, a picture surfaced of swimmer Michael Phelps with a bong.

Phelps NEVER tested positive, but that picture got him suspended for three months.

In 2016, Ryan Lochte got into trouble for peeing outside because a gas station bathroom was locked while he was in Brazil.

The story grew legs and got worse when Brazilian officials went into attack mode.

Lochte was eventually charged with filing a false police report, and he was suspended for 10 months.

Both athletes also lost major sponsors from the fallout, but nobody cried racism or “colonial policy” when those suspensions were handed down.

Of these three cases, one could make the argument that Richardson’s is the worst.

She knowingly used a banned substance, yet her suspension was a small fraction compared to the other two cases.

Rather than cry racism, AOC may want to look at possible favoritism given to Richardson because of the political climate in this country right now.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is that her race had no negative impact whatsoever in the penalty that was handed down.

Source: The Blaze

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30 Responses

    1. LMAO who said she was elected just because she holds office doesn’t mean the people voted for her

    2. Because she’s from New York, those people don’t have a freaking clue. Just look at who they have voted for ( AOC, Cuomo, de Blasio ) enough said ???

    3. One night on Fox News I found out how she got elected…only 11 percent of the people in her district showed up to vote…probably all family…she’s listed in the bottom 10 elected officials in Congress for accomplishments…but man, can she Tweet and Instagram all over the place like a fifteen year old girl…

    4. She “auditioned for the part. She is just a wannabe actress. Not good at anything but mixing drinks. Maybe

    5. NO CAPTCHA found…Sure tells us about the intellect of the people NY in spite of what they try to make us believe. If the voting folks of NY are even a touch like AOC, then the entire country is in for REAL trouble from NY…lets hope – no – PRAY that the NYers open their eyes and see what they have done to themselves and the rest of the country

    6. AOC got elected because the people of her district are some of the dumbest people in the history of the world,. that is how! The same can be said of other Democrats, like Mad Maxine, Pelosi, and Omar, etc. I can’t imagine living in a district with people that dumb!

  1. Fact is, it’s still a drug banned by the Olympic Committee. She knew that all along and yet she took the drug anyhow. Nothing racist about the punishment

  2. AOC will try to use anything that keeps the spotlight on her.
    She knows she has no relevance, so makes things up.

  3. Do we really have to wait for the next election to get rid of all these tools because I’ll guarandamntee all these elections were rigged! The best I can come up with a they are 30% tops most likely alot less…a lot!

  4. What I heard her say was “-neyhey hey hey pbpbpbpb” ruff ruff grrrr waaaa depending on which time she was barking or rubbing her hoof on the floor or curling up with a bottle and blankie!

  5. I’m shocked that anyone would put stock in anything ms.Cortez has to say . She is a proven lyre, she scrambles got attention. She need to become a useful member of congerss

    1. Audrey—PLEASE – a lyre is a beautiful musical instrument SOMEWHAT like a hand-held Harp…Cortez is NOT a beautiful sounding instrument!!! LIAR is what she is!!!

  6. AOC doesn’t ever look at FACTS! In fact, I am sure she would say facts are racist and “an instrument of racist and colonial policy”. She is full of crap and is an attention junkie!

  7. Love al the previous comments. AOC is either an idiot or just brain dead.

  8. To the left, everything that doesn’t agree with them is racist. In fact tho, they are the racist.

  9. This rule should also apply to those in our government. They should be tested weekly, and if this or any other cognizance reducing drug is found in their system, they should be expelled and banned from ever running for a government office again.

  10. Agree with all posts! It is said she is a “ top democrat”, if true, the demonrats are in deep trouble! She is dumber than a bag of rusty hammers! She wasn’t elected, Soros bought her in.

  11. AOC is a known liar and racist. The truth means absolutely nothing to that idiot. How does that Buffoon think this country became the best place on earth to live, because of no nothing idiots like here. name one thing positive that Buffoon has done for this country. Promoting Hate and Violence is not positive

  12. OH I GOTTA HAVE MY DRUGS, I can’t function normally without being messed up. what a bunch of worthless people DRUG Users are, YES POT is a DRUG, it may be a natural substance but it’s still Mind and body altering DRUG. you are a SORRY POS if you have to have your Daily FIX to keep you going.

  13. Any person giving the slightest credibility to anything AOC says is sorely lacking in brain cells.

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