REPORT: AOC Teary Meltdown May Have Cost Her Chance at Senate Seat

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) loves her dramatics.

However, this time, it may have cost her if she had planned on taking the next step in her political career.

AOC’s meltdown over funding for the Iron Dome could cost her huge among a large block of New York Voters… Jeweish Democrats.

Diminished Hopes

AOC’s meltdown made for some great TV.

As far as her brand goes, it was boosted significantly by the tears she shed over the vote…

However, this may not play well with statewide voters if AOC decides to take the next step.

There are a significant number of Jewish voters in New York, most of whom are registered Democrats.

AOC’s anti-Israel stance may play well in her district, but it is not something she can push if she wants to win a statewide election.

Jessica Tarlov, a Fox News contributor and political analyst who serves as senior director of research and consumer insight for Bustle Digital Group, stated, “AOC has proven herself to possess an incredible amount of political savvy, but winning statewide is a whole other beast.”

Tarlov continued, “Balancing the preferences of New Yorkers as a whole means that there is little room for anti-Israel policy at the very least, with Schumer even siding with the Trump administration on moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

“Crossing Jewish voters – and the lobby – is inadvisable.”

Doug Schoen, a political pollster, consultant, and former adviser to Bill Clinton, agreed, stating, “She is very hostile to Israel and to Jews.

“She will get virtually no support in the Jewish community, but if she were to run she would be running without any expectation of getting Jewish support.”

That is about one million votes that would be in Senator Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) pocket right out of the gate.

So, it looks like AOC will have to remain content to stay in the House, at least until she stops crying in front of the camera.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. She’s a racist but we all knew she was. Hope the Jewish constituents in her district are taking notice of this fact. She needs to be gone. Not earning her paycheck-useless.

  2. Everyone knows except for young Jewish people, the Dems are against you! Republicans fight for you and your homeland, wake up!
    AOC is nothing but a megaphone for the left, go back to bartending!

  3. AOC should never have been is Congress to begin with. The House and Senate are supposed to
    be a gathering of adults not sniveling, incompetent children. Nothing has come out of the mouth
    of AOC that actually has made any sense. I hope she is removed from Congress altogether and
    someone with some common sense takes her place.

  4. Sorry to say, but I can bet you the Democratic Jewish people will vote for her…The libs will do anything to stay in power, even throwing Isarel under the bus! I don’t understand it-:(

  5. She wouldn’t even be in office if piglosi hadn’t fixed the voting machines and used Dominion machines. The same with the rest of the so called “squad”. All fixed! And I would go as far as so was her election and her nephew Newsom (I believe) she wasn’t going to let him be ran out of California. Everyone of these elections were fixed for their win. I truly believe America is really fed up with these “destroy America” dems.

  6. I just can’t understand how any of them got into politics. They are not American citizens. They are the most selfish, greedy, ignorant and racist politicians in America.

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