Appeals Court Says DeSantis Mask Ban Back in Effect

Liberals in Florida are going absolutely ballistic right now after an appeals court decision in favor of Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’ mask mandate was blocked in a lower court, but an appeals court has flipped the ruling, putting the mask ban back in effect.

This will now put the decision for masking back where it belongs… in the hands of parents.

Bogus Narrative

To be clear… Ron DeSantis was NOT banning the wearing of masks in school by children.

All he wanted to do with his order was leave the decision up to parents rather than the federal government.

The new order by the appeals court allows that to happen.

The Florida governor has continued to say that this is a personal choice and that “it’s important that they are given the ability to opt out” if they don’t want their children to wear masks all day in school.

Democrats continue to push this as some attack against children, but there are legitimate concerns about possible health risks of children being in masks all day as well psychological effects.

Even with the order, however, we expect to see resistance to the DeSantis order.

So far, 13 schools have stated they will have a mask mandate in place, with some of them adding the masks to the dress code as a workaround to the mandate.

Source: Fox News

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15 Responses

  1. Parents, be smart. Take your children out of government run indoctrination centers. If you cannot home school, try to find some private education.

  2. I just can’t believe these Teachers Union’s and Teachers in general. Look, I am 70. I have no kids in schools any more but I do know this, these Teachers are BRAIN WASHING THESE CHILDREN TO HATE OUR COUNTRY AND GET RID OF WHITE PEOPLE!! You parents out there, you had better start fighting back.

  3. Personally, I don’t see trying to mandate masks by saying it’s the dress code will work, They didn’t have that dress code before and so it’s clear they are trying break the law. Stop funding schools that break the laws. Let those schools figure out how to make payroll and keep the schools open.

  4. Hey Guy’s ” We do not want to lose our Great Governor. Trump is strong and unyielding., and so is DeSantis,.
    We are very fortunate to have such a Governor. Let’s Keep Him Okay.!!!!

  5. You got to fight for your Rights and keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights intact!
    Remove all communist democrat cult party members from office and our country!

  6. Every time a Democrat opens their mouth I am reminded why I left the party years ago. DeSantis has been right and Biden never. The left jumps from one dumb idea to another intended to make life decisions for you because you are too dumb to think for yourself. Control is always the target.

    I had the shots but that’s it. No more. Biden really is a traitor to the spirit of the Constitution but we shall overcome.

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