Arrest of FBI Agent Brings New Accusations of Corruption in Agency

To say the last two weeks have been embarrassing for the FBI would be an understatement.

The agency has been, by far, the most criticized of all our federal law enforcement agencies.

The arrest of one agent and a confession by a high-ranking official regarding improper conduct this past week have renewed both criticism and accusations against the agency.

What Is Going on at the FBI?

Last week, the lead agent in the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot found himself in cuffs.

Richard Trask was arrested for the alleged assault of his wife.

Trask allegedly choked her as well as slamming her head into a nightstand.

According to the court filings, she was covered in blood and had severe bruising around her neck.

Jill Tyson, the bureau’s Office of Congressional Affairs assistant director, has been accused of misconduct and failing to disclose a relationship with one of her subordinates.

That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

They Made Us Do it

The group that was planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer were members of the Wolverine Watchman.

Reports are now starting to arise that an FBI informant was very involved in organizing and planning the attack.

The informant has also been accused of egging the members on to carry out the plot.

Attorney Kareem Johnson, representing Pete Musico, one of the 14 men arrested in the plot, stated that the group was not even on the federal radar before the informant was involved.

He stated, “The FBI knew these people had some beliefs and were egging them on and providing help and ammunition.

“They encouraged, helped instigate and escalated the criminal conduct of those individuals.

“At the end of the day, there were almost as many FBI agents leading the group as the other people in the group.”

Attorney Darren Richie, who represents the former DEA agent arrested for the riot at the Capitol, is also making some rather harsh accusations against the FBI.

He stated, “It appears to me that there are allegations, with evidentiary support, that the FBI may have or currently is infiltrating, inciting or spawning alleged fringe group operations in this country.

“The citizens of this country deserve to know if any of the stories permeating this subject are valid.”

Last week, the FBI sent out a tweet asking people to monitor members of their own families.

Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI, stated that he was stunned the agency is going down that route.

He added, “The bureau’s job is to collect evidence, not to develop informants. That was inappropriate.”

Coulson also questioned why the FBI is not doing more to go after rioters in other cities, such as Portland, when they are dropping the hammer on the January 6 rioters.

He stated, “I am not demeaning what happened that day. But I’m asking why [those] people are being punished at this level and others aren’t.

“In Portland and Seattle you clearly have federal laws being violated in plain sight and nothing done.”

Wayne Manis, another former FBI agent of note, mostly for taking on racist groups such as the KKK and Aryan Nations, is perplexed by what he sees in today’s FBI.

He stated, “I and many of my friends from the old FBI are completely astounded about seeing things that we would have moved on, being totally ignored over the past year.

“Burning a police station? Where are the arrests? There’ve been multiple incidents of violence by Antifa and BLM activists that fall under FBI statutes.

“The majority of domestic terrorism is on the left but we’re being told it’s coming from the right.”

The answer is a simple one… the agency is being politicized, just like everything else in today’s woke government.

Source: New York Post

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