Former NFL Player Arrested on Assault Charges of Girlfriend

This week, a horrifying video made its way around social media.

The video showed former NFL player Zac Stacy violently abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Reports broke on Saturday that Stacy has now been taken into custody.

Nasty Video

The video below is beyond disturbing on many different levels.

First, there is just the brutality of Stacy allegedly tossing this woman around like a ragdoll.

After allegedly beating her and throwing her into the wall and TV, he menacingly stands over her while you can hear her cries for help.

It gets worse when you realize there is a toddler in the room, witnessing everything…

After the video went viral, police made a move to apprehend Stacy in Florida, but he had already left the state.

Police were able to track him down and apprehend him on a flight from Tennessee.

Stacy has been charged with aggravated battery and is being held in Orange County.

Source: Just the News

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24 Responses

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  1. NFS. White woman hitching her wagon to a black man’s star. What did she expect, to be loved, honored, and cherished?

    1. Oh come on.. It’s not abuse it’s called motivation techniques. She may had not done the laundry right or maybe she over cooked his dinner or maybe she went outside without permission. Woman just need too follow the rules and things would be just fine.

    1. How else are children supposed to learn the proper way in “MOTIVATING” the women in their lives??

    1. Oh come on. I am sure he is a WONDERFUL MAN if she would had only followed the rules. Just like the Prosecutor said in the Rittenhouse case, a little beating is no big deal.

  2. Another slug of society! Hope he spends time behind bars and that his girl friend gets lots of his money, if he has any left that is!
    Don’t give a damn if he is pink, purple, black, white as he is just another thug! Lady, please chose for wisely in your next relationship!

  3. It makes one wonder what that cowardly punk would have done if that girl had a .38 !!!!! Self Defense is a WONDERFUL THING !!!!

  4. She got what she deserved for hooking up with him, mess with doo doo and you get doo doo on you. LMBO at the stupid white women who fool with them.

    1. Do you remember that saying which were meant for white woman, “ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU WON’T GO BACK??” The real saying is, “ONCE YOU GO BLACK NOONE WANTS YOU BACK”

  5. Why is it that black football players are such cowards and throwing their family members around. He should be barred for life from football. More sign that BLM does mean a fricking things.

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