Trump Attorneys Charge Biden Colluding with January 6 Committee

From the moment the Select Committee for January 6 was announced, most realized the outcome of the committee was already set in stone.

The committee members have done little to alleviate those suspicions.

Trump’s attorney, however, just threw another wrinkle, charging that Biden’s White House is colluding with the committee to railroad him.

It’s Collusion

Is the January 6 Committee legit or a mere political attack to help Joe Biden and prevent Trump from running for office again?

That is the question now being asked by Trump’s attorneys.

In a recently filed brief, the attorneys stated, “There is little doubt President Biden is doing the bidding of a Congress controlled by his party. Appellees’ briefs are rife with political hostility.

“The Committee is not tasked with a criminal or impeachment investigation of President Trump, nor is it tasked with determining the status or integrity of the 2020 election. Congress and the President are on a fishing expedition to find damaging information on their former and future political opponents.”

It continued, “Here, the incumbent President’s personal political interests are aligned with the congressional majority, and his political objective will do grave damage to the integrity of our Republic’s constitutional structure if it is achieved.

“The political animus shown by President Biden and his allies in Congress weighs against the unfettered deference towards the incumbent President sought by Appellees.”

Both sides are currently prepping oral arguments to see if Trump can claim executive privilege after leaving office.

Trump is trying to block the committee from getting its hands on hundreds of pages of official records over the days leading up to the riot.

Democrats are trying to trace Trump’s moves, insisting that Trump organized and encouraged the riot that took place.

Trump has put up roadblocks to Democrats at every opportunity, even when the records have exonerated him.

This is just Trump trying to frustrate Democrats to no end, then make them look foolish in the end.

The media, however, will latch on to this as they have the other instances, and insist that Trump is trying to cover up his guilt.

What do you guys think? Did Trump have anything to do with the organizing of the riot at the Capitol?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax

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60 Responses

  1. This so called committee is a joke, just like the two attempts to impeach President Trump, last try was after he left office, but I would like to know why the Biden family ties to Russia and China are not being looked at, oh I forgot the democrats control both houses for now

  2. No President Trump had nothing to do with organizing any thing about rioting on Jan 6. It was all Blm and Antifa did everything plus capitol police let them in.

  3. It had more to do with Pelosi, FBI and their BLM and Antifa to make sure they went in to Capital Building illegally. Why did they break out windows and doors and police allow them to come in peacefully. Who pushed the Air Force gal through the window and then took a picture of her being shot?

  4. It wasn’t Trump.
    It was Pelosi and those who want to stay in power and destroy the USA

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