REPORT: Audio Reveals Alleged Sexual Abuse at Migrant Children’s Facility

Joe Biden is about to have a major problem on his hands.

On Saturday, NBC News published leaked audio from training sessions at a migrant children facility.

The audio outlines alleged physical and sexual abuse of migrant children.

Horrifying Audio

The audio is a clip from a May 2021 training session at the Fort Bliss holding center.

In the audio, the lecturer clearly states, “We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately.”

The audio also pointed to both violent and sexual interactions among the children themselves.

The trainer states, “We got teenagers in our shelter. What is happening with these kids when they are teenagers?

“They’re raging out of control.”

There is also audio hinting of possible physical abuse by staff members, characterized as “playful” by the instructor.

She stated, “I know there have been a lot of complaints from minors about staff members waking them up in the morning.

“We’ve got some staff members that are picking up and shaking the bed to wake up the minor. Or they’re bouncing them on the bed.

“They think they’re being playful, but that constitutes child abuse. I want you guys to know that.”

She additionally stated, “We are aware of a shortage of underwear, socks, and shoes. Management knows, and we’re working on getting more for the minors.”

The report has surfaced only days after a whistleblower came forward to expose an alleged massive outbreak of COVID at the same facility.

NBC did not post the audio with an embed code, so to hear the audio in full, click here.

So, here is the obvious question… why was this administration covering this up and not letting the media know what was going on?

This, at least to me, is a blatant cover-up of child abuse for political reasons. If that is not enough to end Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ careers, well, nothing will ever do it.

Sources: NBC News & New York Post

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15 Responses

  1. Why should anyone be surprised that this would happen on Comrade Joe’s watch. The news media covers up every incident that goes on with this administration. If it were on Donald Trumps watch, Comrade Pelosi would start an impeachment investigation and impeach Mr. Trump. I blame the Marxist media for what has happened in the last six months; they stay so far up his 4th point of contact that they can not see what is going on in this country. Wake up America!

  2. You’re right, nothing will ever do it. These whack jobs are letting the world in through our borders and flying them into the country to let them go. You would think THAT would do it – but no. Now we find out that absolutely disgusting things are going on in the facilities on the border – nope, not that either. The invaders they are letting loose in our country are infected with Covid – nope, that apparently isn’t enough either. Instead, the CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY have to be locked away again and wear masks. C’MON PEOPLE THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, NOT BIDENS OR HARRIS’.

  3. Not only should it end their careers permanently it should generate multiple investigations not only of them but of the facilities as run under this criminal administration.

  4. If you allow these children to come to USA and they are abused you should be charged and imprisoned

    1. Charge them with child trafficking, also charge those flying/driving them around the country with the same.

  5. Nothing this government ‘s and its administration does surprises me. What surprises me is how they have been getting away with it for this long. I still say where is the LAW and the officials that are supposed to protect us????

  6. Must be democrat voters working the detaining centers republicans have a higher standard for children than that.

  7. We’ll never see this after today because the MSM & Biden administration will squash it!

  8. Take this to the conservative television stations and blurt it out as much as possible. Can’t hurt, plus you never know what might come of this notice. For whatever it’s worth, Uncle Joe loves to have kids bounce on his lap, so…it’s all part of the big scheme of things. I would love nothing better than to see him and his cronies get busted wide open for everything he has trashed since January 20.

    1. You and me both. We know joe love kids to grab his hairy legs also. He said so. Rotten piece of filth. He needs to be hanging for treason.

  9. What do you expect from pedo joe and the ho? They don’t care about those kids, they are pawns for the traffickers. The border state governors need to send them back to wherever they came from, back to their parents. What in hell is wrong with these idiots? Grow a spine and stop this crazy old fool, any way possible. Fight his stupid executive orders, his mandates, don’t comply!

  10. A bunch of CRIMINALS using the law have taken over the country with the help of the VILE NEWS MEDIA and High TEECH BILLIONAIRES. They put the MAFIA to SHAME. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BY ANY MEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This whole thing is costing children, money and lack of law! Theres a millstone waiting for those hurting the children, my guess is the same cabal where the water washed up 600 in one place and 1400 child bodies in another

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