Arizona Election Audit Confirms Results, But Irregularities Uncovered

The big story on Saturday morning was the release of the Arizona election audit.

There are two narratives being put out about this right now, however.

The most popular is that it is a crushing blow to Trump, and it is, but it goes much deeper than that and does offer Trump some solace.

Audit Confirms Election Results

First and foremost, let’s get to the numbers.

After the audit of Maricopa Count votes, Trump still lost the state.

The numbers were close, but Trump still lost.

That, however, is far from the end of this story, even though that is where the story stops on many outlets.

My big push for auditing elections has always been not necessarily to overturn the election but rather to root out possible future problems.

The untold story of this election is that irregularities were found.

More than 50,000 ballots were flagged by auditors, calling for further investigation.

With a margin of only 10,000 votes, this raises an awful lot of questions.

Jenna Ellis, a key lawyer for Trump and chairwoman of the Election Integrity Alliance, stated, “The 2020 election was irredeemably compromised, and Arizona’s legislature must do now what they failed to do in November — use their plenary authority under the U.S. Constitution and reclaim their delegates by decertifying the results, acknowledging that the certifications were based on incorrect accounting.

“We are in a constitutional crisis that demands accountability for the American People and election justice.”

Trump also issued a statement, “The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report!

“The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over.”

So, Arizona is over, but the questions regarding its election integrity remain.

That being said, I don’t see Trump giving up this fight anytime soon, especially with Texas now having agreed to audit four major counties.

Sources: Just the News & Fox News

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30 Responses

    1. The Chinese virus was planned by the Democrats in the swamp. The number one ingredient for fraud is “MAIL IN BALLOTS.” This DELTA thing they are pushing on us now is for fraud to happen in the Mid-term election. The criminals in the Democratic Party will stop at NOTHING to hold on to power.

  1. Who in the hell do these LIERS think they are kidding……………..there were hundreds of thousands of votes that could NOT be verified !!!! If a vote cannot be verified it cannot be counted………..don’t believe me…….read Arizona voting laws……….that is actually what they are required to go by and I never read one thing about the Arizona voting law in all of these lying reports…….you know why ? because it would show the final tally with Trump way up !!!

  2. I cannot believe THIS SITE is spreading the big lie that biden won. ON paper only, If you cheated stuff the ballot box, sure you have more votes but did you win ? apparently to the lefts mind it is ok.

    The fact is YOU READ THE WHOLE REPORT !!!! that the election WAS STOLEN !
    counted ballots several times 17000 dead people and empty lots 55000
    Get with the program WHY are you perpetrating the lie that biden won ?

  3. I also believe Trump won; however, even if he did, there is nothing in the constitution to solve this problem because our founding fathers never considered it might happen. Originally only property owners got to vote (and only men could own property). All we can do is expose the fraud – and get in new voting laws in the states that address this problem. The excuses the liberals make up to protest voter ID is obscene. Costa Rica is a poor country. Even they have national ID cards (which have expiration dates every few years) and on the card, tells the status of the person and if they qualify to vote. If they can have it (and a lot fewer cars around) then certainly the USA should be able to figure it out. Everyone needs ID if they are an adult. You can’t buy booze or a plane ticket or drive or cash a check or even get a library card without ID. Even most, if not all, schools issue student body cards as ID. Face it, the only ones who would have a hard time getting photo IDs would be people who don’t belong in the states and they shouldn’t be voting anyway.

      1. The military is “Woke” now, have you not been paying attention? Marxism has infiltrated the military, may I suggest tuning into Mark Levin radio show and “Life liberty an Levin” show.

  4. More fake news by a fake news outlet!
    Biden LOST! Get over it.
    Our “founders” made it possible to reverse a corrupt election. Now all it takes is for 2 of the 7 swing states to reverse their decision!

  5. Garland Merrick stuck his nose in and threatened them with all kinds of illegal lawsuits of they didn’t lie about the results so they got bought by the criminals in DC.

  6. While the audit showed offegualities and fraud, by the Constitution it is to later to reverse who got elected. The Democrats ( and Rinos ) pushed to get the election certified. The courts refused to look onto the claims made by multiple observers ( Putting it back on the state to investigate, who with 90% of the elected officials put in office by Soros donations, was not and never would be done. The only thing left is to retake the House and Senate, Impeach both Biden and Harris, leaving the new speaker of the House ( a republican ) to finish their term.

  7. Trump won in 2016. The dems couldn’t believe it! So they spent the next four years wasting taxpayer money trying to trash Trump. They also pulled out all the stops to cheat their way into a win for Biden in 2020. Now when election integrity is at the forefront for the majority of the country, cheating even more is at the forefront for the dems. These people are practicing an “ends justifies the means” strategy which is very dangerous and wrong.

  8. Kick Joe Biden, the fraudulent U.S. President, out of office. Neither Kalama Harris nor Nancy Pelosi are suited to be U.S. President. Hold a Special Election for U.S. President. When the fair results of that election are known, inaugurate the winner as the U.S. President.

    1. I agree a whole new presidential election needs to be held with 1) Paper ballots 2) hand counting of results 3) identification marks on ballots (e.g. serial number, watermarks, etc.) 4) NO mail-in ballots and 5) including Voter ID checks to prove they are US citizens and are voting in their voter precinct. Also the ballots must include ALL Down-Ballot elections, as there is also evidence presented previously at state legislative hearings that those elections were tampered with as well… DO IT ALL OVER, only fair and honest – and secure! – this time.

  9. Come on man, Joe has almost 50 years of experience in politics which he is using to make America a great place to live in again. He cares about our country and the people who live here, he knows what hard work is all about coming from a coal mining family ! Guys like Joe are hard working Americans striving to raise their families and teaching the merits of honest , hard work! No short cuts for guys like him, I sleep well now and you can too knowing Joe has your back!

    1. I have to hand it to you, Ed, you really said it all. Biden has one year of experience 50 times. He hasn’t had a cogent thought in years and is a puppet for those who would permanently change our country.

    2. Knowing what you know now along with the rest of the world making a statement like that is ridiculous.

  10. What a misleading report! To say that “Trump still lost the state” based on the Maricopa County audit is absolutely false. The actual truth of the matter is that SO MUCH VOTER FRAUD was discovered and presented involving over 50,000 illegal votes in ONE COUNTY — much greater than Biden’s supposed margin of victory (ca. 10,000 votes for the WHOLE STATE) – that **this election cannot be used to decide the winner** and it MUST BE DECERTIFIED. Clearly you are intentionally misleading your readers to believe that Biden still wins the state by including and counting the fraudulent votes discovered in this audit as well as those yet to be discovered in future audits of the remaining counties! Shame on you. Though I’m pretty certain that you have no shame…

  11. they will cheat again in the next election in 2022 and the rest to come , that’s if there will be another election..the way these Rodents play that seems to me to be obvious..only one way to stop it…whose fist is this !

  12. Anthony you are the fool! Why do you think so many intelligent, caring American voters chose Joe? Could lt be because he has the experience, knowledge and hard working ethics to turn this country around? Plus his honesty is beyond a doubt one of his most notable traits!

  13. Jim, thanks for the vote of confidence, yes 50 years and it doesn’t matter if their one at a time, Joe has saviored each and every one of them to help his fellow American citizens plus the millions of undocumented immigrants who he will be giving amnesty to very shortly! We can be thankful for his extremely successful end of the Afghanistan War savings thousands and thousands of lives! He will leave no one behind!

  14. This is an inept media ruse to spread misinformation. Ignore this article as it is fake. There was and still is a huge fraud committed in the Arizona election of 2020. Donald Trump won the election and Biden is leading an illegal term in office. He is a criminal.

  15. Unfortunately the Arizona State Government and the Elections Board have lost all credibility.
    It appears that the Republican controlled election board knew there was cheating and did not want it investigated.
    Even if this story is true, what it tells me is that the GOP in Arizona is too incompetent to cheat properly, maybe they should as a Democrat colleague how to do it?

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