Austin Noticeable Silence on Regrets for Afghanistan Withdrawal

I can say without hesitation that Secretary Austin is one of about five or six Biden officials that need to be embarrassed in public.

Fox News’ Brett Baier had Austin in the hot seat at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, CA.

He clearly made the Secretary uncomfortable, but he should have taken it a step further.

That Awkward Silence

The big moment for Baier came when he asked Austin if he had any regrets regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Austin had a noticeable pause, very much measuring his words before responding…

That video cut off the rest of his response, which is where I feel that Baier dropped the ball.

Austin continued, “Having said that, Bret, I want to make sure that we don’t lose sight of the fact that our American forces, in 17 days, evacuated 124,000 people from Afghanistan.”

Yes, they did get 124,000 people out, but it was mostly the wrong people.

The majority of those evacuated were not vetted, nor did they have any ties to the United States.

Meanwhile, family members of our troops and American citizens were left behind.

That is where Baier should have gone at that point, but he left the Secretary off the hook.

Our media needs to stop coddling these people and hold them accountable when they have them in this position.

We cannot allow these people to tout accomplishments that are not really accomplishments when they are in the public eye.

I think Baier is one of the best in the business, and while he put a tough question to Austin, he could have inflicted some real damage here.

So, rather than risk future interviews, he let Austin walk by patting himself on the back.

Until the mainstream media, all mainstream media, hold this administration accountable, they will continue to pull the wool over our eyes at every opportunity.

Source: Fox News

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10 Responses

  1. Whole damn appointed biden cabinet are #1 examples of libtard dereliction of duty to govern U.S. Citizens ! Never in U.S. History has treason been so mandatory capital prosecution for biden, bo with all the commie cronies ! Now !

    1. Amen ! Wisdom Must Persevere Over Political Agendas ! This administration Has Had No Positive Accomplishments… Only Failures that Will Bite Us Unless Changed ! God Bless The United States Of America !

  2. I see that the commie censors are hard at work on this site !!! THIS GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE AND MUST BE OVERTHROWN !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

    1. J.R.Justice ,That is so Correct!! Over Throw THE GOVERNMENT,Yes it sure is Terribly CORRUPT!!!! GOD HELP AMERICA get rid of those CORRUPT PEOPLE!!!! THEY ARE EVIL PEOPLE!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!! THOW THOSE PEOPLE TO HELL!!!!! AMEN!!!!!

  3. The entire Biden Administration and parts of Congress need to go. All they do is create one disaster after another for the Nation. These are mainly treasonous people who should be dealt with, not coddled……They lie outlandishly thinking we are all dang fools and can’t see what they are doing to our Country.

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