Austin, TX, Vote Against Hiring of More Police

Austin, TX, used to be an amazing city.

There still are great areas, but that has been changing rapidly.

Now overrun with the liberal horde, the city is seeing more violent crime and homicides are up significantly, yet the voters in the city overwhelmingly voted not to add more police.

What Are They Thinking?

So far this year, there have been 75 homicides in Austin, TX.

That is a tally we see in a couple of months in Chicago, but this is unheard of for Austin.

In fact, it is the highest total the city has seen in decades.

Even so, 68 percent of residents shot down the ballot measure that would have added more police to patrols, averaging two officers per 1,000 residents on every shift.

The co-founder of Save Austin Now is not giving in just yet…

Austin police offered their thanks for those that did vote yes…

The mayor, however, took a victory lap in defeating the measure…

Ironically, a second measure on the ballot was defeated, which would have disbanded the force altogether.

Just as we saw in Minneapolis, 57 percent said they should not get rid of the force, yet they want to leave them shorthanded.

Austin is not quite to the levels of Philadelphia and Chicago just yet, but liberals and Democrats are doing their best to get it there.

With this failure in city leadership, give them a few years, and Austin will soon become the embarrassment of the state of Texas.

Source: The Hill

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27 Responses

  1. Hey, Musk, what do you think of the morons that live in Austin, Texas. The MFers can’t play football so they vote out the police. YOU are an idiot for moving to that POS city.

  2. This is what Happens when a slow liberal college, and technology morons do over time. They destroy a once beautiful and great city. It rots from the inside out. A word of advice keep anything George Soros out of your city. The “Kapo Snitch” and his Communist son. Remember his own home country will not allow Papa Soros to visit. he is TROUBLE……

  3. Sad day for Texas 😞. What happened to common sense? I thought Texas was a brave and happy place ? Commies in charge ?

  4. A bunch of transplants from California and New York that have no brains. You move away from tyrants then vote for them again. Please move back to where you came from. We do not need your crap in Texas.

  5. Well Austin, you will get what you deserve and voted for. All those College Students and Techies will be living like in San Francisco, with the junkies and homeless. Of course, some people live in a bubble and don’t see anything except what they want to see. Big Tech got big tax breaks and the college students will get their good jobs and maybe college paid for. Good luck on that front. In the mean time, the everyday Joe will face the rampant demise of their city and a lack of safety for all the citizens.

  6. There will be a time and place when they will wish that they did not do what they did. Wait until the illegals start moving in to Austin!

  7. Brace yourselves who voted to not hire more cops. I hope you people are the first to learn what it feels like not to receive help when you are being attacked. What goes around, comes around.

  8. Arm yourselves Brothers and Sisters of Austin.
    It’s damn sure that the CA & NY invaders won’t.
    It just get’s closer to anarchy and Civil War every day.

  9. Maybe it’s time for the REAL TEXANS there to take matters in their OWN HANDS !!!! Starting with that idiotic Mayor !!!It’s real simple, take out every fruit fly Californian that is infesting Austin !!!! Just make sure that nobody sees you doing it !!!! If the liberals want to come to our towns and play, LET’S PLAY !!!!

  10. Another US college town. And one of the largest ghettos in Texas. Located on the university’s campus.

  11. ENOGH !!!!
    Democrats STOP TALKING !
    You’re killing the party overnight !
    We don’t want the party dead !
    We need a role model for stupidity !

    1. Too late “YOUR” party has been “converted” LONG ago to the communist party. It is NOW (and has been) the “party” of election FRAUD, radical muslim infestation,. card-carrying communists, abortion on demand pushers, drug “kingpins”, murderers , the “financiers” of terrorist organizations that kill, or injure anyone that “disagrees” with their “agenda” and theives. YOU SHOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD!

  12. Without a doubt this is a result of the CA migration, they leave what they do not like, but yet, bring it with them. just like illegal immigrants. Sick FN people!

  13. Well Folks , Guest , Citizens of america

    with the influx of illegals, crime on the rise a an enormous rate and the worst leadership in our gov you can get


    FACT : Police keep people in line, stop people from going to the next level , force people to THINK BEFORE ACTION

    If there is no LAW , then you have total lawlessness , theft, rape, murder will go out of control and then you cannot stop the crime scene

    people will do what they want , and what they see is to thier best interest total narcissism

    and then you get rates you cannot stop

    you cannot cover up, clean up, bring back the actions of someone else scars for life , written in the brain , conscience , they will always have the memories written in thier brains

  14. Guess there are still some people who do not like the police not very smart if you ask me

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