AZ Man Who Threatened Pelosi Convicted

An Arizona man who left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a threatening voicemail has been convicted.

In January, Steven Arthur Martis left a message for Pelosi stating, “I’m going to kill you.”

On Thursday, authorities announced that he had been convicted for one count of issuing an interstate threat.

Too Far

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Pelosi, but threatening her life is simply taking things too far.

To leave the threat via a voicemail that can be easily tracked, well, that is obviously just not very smart.

After the conviction was announced, Acting United States Attorney Glenn B. McCormick stated, “This case is an important reminder that, although the First Amendment protects our right to free speech, which is one of our most precious individual rights, the United States Attorney’s Office takes threats to kill or harm another individual through a phone call or other form of interstate communication very seriously.”

Martis, who is 77 years old and from Bullhead City, AZ, will be sentenced on January 25.

According to the FBI, Martis had made several similar phone calls before and had been warned by the FBI.

The sad reality in this is that this conviction will give Democrats more fodder to use during the election season.

Not that I think it will help, as people in this country finally realize that outlier cases such as this are just that, outliers, and they are getting sick and tired of Democrats portraying them as the norm.

Source: New York Post

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31 Responses

    1. I support you comment 100%. I am sure that if it was a Republican Politician who got this message from a Liberal, nothing would had been done in fact, LETS GO BRANDON would had given him a job in his Administration.

      1. Just plain stupid on the part of that guy. Now he is going to prison, rightly so.
        pelosi will get hers in the form of defeat in 2022! Then she can go home to california permanently and shave off 8 layers of makeup

        1. Don’t forget Pelosi has been tried , convicted went thru a
          Cloning process. Her real self
          has either been executed or is serving a life sentence in Guatanamo prison. Look closely at photos and you can see significant differences in her face

        2. I will be truly happy when she has to stand before her maker, any denomination. What can she use as an answer to all the crimes and corruption.

      2. Pure double Drmocrat party standard. How about all of those Democratic legislators that threatened Predident Trump? They were not convicted? LETS GO BRANDON!!

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    1. I agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

      1. I would like to be the first to create a “Me Too” movement for this Spot On post! Thank you, Terrence!
        The PERFECT placement for Pelosi would be a Chinese Uyger Camp!
        1.”Be careful what you wish for, Nancy”!
        2. What goes around . . .

  1. And absolutely nothing happened to the ladies who accosted Sinema in the restroom! Double standard deluxe!

  2. This should be an example to the next brave American with the same desires, DON’T TELL ANYBODY, STUPID !!!
    We all applaud your desire to stop this criminal activity by the Liberal retards in D.C. but you can’t just blurt out your desires, we all secretly agree with what you are saying, but, they will arrest you for it if you say it out loud !!! Just go ahead and do it, then brag about it, the left will demonize you, but the to the conservative majority, you will be a HERO, and folk songs will be written about you !!!! LMAO !!!! FJB !!!! LET’S GO BRANDON !!!

  3. No one was ever arrested for playing out
    TRUMP’S death in a music video, stage play or political PSA, justice in America is a corrupt joke that protects the leftist slime party only.

    1. I remember some leftist comedian showing TRUMPS SEVERED HEAD ON UTUBE! AT THE TIME, IT WAS REPORTED THAT HIS YOUNG SON WAS VERY UPSET ABOUT IT. That is a good example of the hypocrisy and POLITICIZATION of our laws and their enforcement under BIDEN! HE HAS “WEAPONIZED” ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES AGAINST THOSE WHO DO NOT AGREE WITH HIS COMMUNIST POLICIES! I don’t know how we got here, but even the DEMs are getting worried as they face a bloodbath at the poles! They deserve exactly what they will get!

  4. Where are our Republican leaders?All I ever hear or read is the democrats are liers,
    cheats thieves etc………… And no one does a damn thing about it….Where are our leaders;
    They should be leading a charge to stop them from destroying America.We complain about
    Joe hiding in some basement..What the hell are our Relublican leaders doing?
    God is not going to save us from destruction..He gave us the ability to solve this problem.
    by ourselves……..We just need some leaders with the strength to do so………

    1. I agree completely!! I get tons of emails and texts from the different GOP members begging for money. I ignore them all because I refuse to give my hard earned money to a bunch of wimp Willy Rhinos like McConnell. We need to elect persons with some balls an convictions, like the five Navy Seals that are running.

  5. This person obviously has some “anger management”, if not psychological issues. What excuse do they want to use for the BLM violent rioters! In the case of RITTENHOUSE these BLM criminals were carrying guns! The jury made their decision, and now BIDEN has ordered his AG to go after him! EQUAL JUSTICE, BIDEN, YOU EVER HEARD OF THAT? The liberal “spin masters” can make a big deal out of this, but if BIDEN plans on appealing EVERY COURT DECISION HE DOESN’T LIKE, AND SPENDING OUR MONEY TO DO SO, IT IS NOT FAIR AND VIOLATES RITTENHOUSR’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! BIDEN has already violated the CONSTITUTION by going around Congress by writing laws through Executive Action, NOW HE WANTS TO TAKE OVER THE COURTS ROLE? WHERE IS SEPARATION OF POWER UNDER BIDEN? HE HAS BECOME A DICTATOR, WITH AN ARMY OF THUGS IN THE STREET THREATENING JURIES, NORMAL CITIZENS, OUR MILITARY AND OUR POLICE! MEANWHILE AFTER ABOUT 20 SUITS BEING BROUGHT AGAINST BIDENS MANDATES, SCOTUS IS STILL DOING NOTHING!

  6. I enjoy this platform a lot, I however cannot stand how the articles are word twisted to get the click. No better than the lefts motives with their propaganda. Polosi is not convicted of a single thing as your click bait lends one to believe. Words have meaning and power, you’ve a great platform, use your words without the friggin click bait spin. Thanks

  7. The Democratic Party is THE PARTY OF DESTRUCTION…..over and over , 0n nearly everything they do !!!!!!

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