Nancy Mace Has Been EXPOSED

South Carolina Congressional Candidate Katie Arrington knows that she’s going to have to make a splash if she’s going to unseat Nancy Mace in the state.

She’s off to a powerful start, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to hold back.

Nancy Mace, a Republican, is the ultimate “RINO.”

“In every sense of the word,” Arrington claimed.

Being backed by Donald Trump seems to have given Arrington the confidence she needs to challenge the incumbent head on.

“First of all, Nancy Mace has turned her back on this district,” Mace began.

“Nancy has done nothing but cozy up to the Democrats and the radical left to, you know, promote her moderate, you know, liberal agenda. I mean, she literally is a RINO in every sense of the word, and this district has had enough”

If Arrington wins, she has promised to bring a “America first agenda where you prioritize the things that are important to those people living in the low country.”

That’s something Arrington doesn’t think Mace is able to say.

“Nancy Mace goes on Fox one day to talk about how, you know, everyone should be aware of their natural own immunity and that, you know, only take the vaccine if needed and then goes in the same outfit to CNN and says, you know, vaccine mandates mandatory.”

Source: Breitbart

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11 Responses

  1. Arrington should watch her words and get rid of the “you know”s. 5 times in 2 of the above paragraphs.

  2. The people of North Carolina and South Carolina should thoroughly screen their candidates if they have become a RHINO. If by chance they are a RHINO, it is you voters that need to remove them immediately from their position, and replace them with someone who will actually support the American Citizens!

  3. I noticed that many of the women that are LGBTQ are trying to force the issue through the teachers union that LGBTQ should be brain washed into our younger generations brains, including CRT & BLM! That to me is nothing more than communism being used to influence the thinking of the younger generation.

  4. None of these ideas should be taught in our school systems. I strongly believe that anyone found out support this brain washing should face immediate termination from their jobs and never allowed to obtain this type of a position again in the future! I am a very strong believer in the Jewish and Christian Philosophies of life!

  5. The Communist also know as the Democrats are trying to destroy the two major religious beliefs our country was founded on and that is the Jewish and Christian beliefs of our Country. I am also a strong believer in family values and a total lack of the blatant abortions that are performed. I love my Country and my People that are American Citizens.

  6. The reason the Democrats are pushing to get rid of our guns is the fact that would prevent us from fighting back from the Tyranny and destruction of our beloved America! Remember, they use the word Democrat to disguise their actual name called the Communist!

  7. The American people need to know that California alone has an abundance of Oil and Methane, including the Gulf States, the An-war area in Alaska. All of that was stopped dead in its tracks by the one and only Obama, Biden, and the current Administration. This was to bring our economy down in order to destroy what America Stands for!

  8. This is not about Energy or have or not
    Always about control , Greed , Getting the rest of what you have

    Liars Networks of News , Fake , but feels good

    more of the same Propaganda from the networks

    never telling the whole truth , but partial , and leaving out more of what you need to know

    Wake up , Read up , ARM up , GET ready

    Speak out , speak up , TELL ALL you know

  9. too many fake republicans came from the roots of the commie democrat cult party and put republican on their name tag need to be weeded out and removed.

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