DeSantis Beats Trump in Conservative Summit Straw Poll

Is Donald Trump starting to lose his magic with conservative voters?

That may be reading a bit much into the most recent Western Conservative Summit straw poll, but it should give Trump some pause for concern.

Is the shine off Trump or is this just an outlier?

Reality Check

Nationwide, Trump is still the overall leader among possible GOP candidates.

This poll, however, which DeSantis did win last year, should be a concern for Trump.

It shows that not all pockets of conservatives around the country are interested in Trump 2.0.

Biden’s polling numbers are still awful, but the presidential election is still two and a half years away.

If Trump runs, regardless of how badly Biden is doing, some conservatives will never vote for him.

If DeSantis runs, they are all pretty much guaranteed to pull the handle for him, so this is something we have to consider as we get closer to the mid-terms wrapping up.

Do we want to see a close election that could literally go either way, or do we want a blowout win to truly make a statement?

So, let’s hear from our readers.

If Biden and Trump are polling evenly or within a few points after the 2022 cycle is over, do you still want Trump to run, risking a loss, or would you prefer DeSantis to run and have a blowout win?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses


    2. I agree totally. Since I knew anything about politics I KNOW he did the greatest. We already know he changed the country for better and so why take a chance on ANYONE else? If Trump didn’t run I would choose Desantis who is the best governor in the USA

  1. Trump is a very smat man on all subjects, and got our economy goiong . I don’t know if DeSantis is smaart enough for national office. Lots more to do than a state problem. DeSantis wants to be governor, so he should run for president in 4 years.

  2. Can’t imagine anybody even democrats wanting 4 more years of Biden (realistically Harris in 24) no matter who runs against the democrat party.

  3. I really think it is too early to even make such a statement. First let’s get through November. My initial thoughts is I would like us to hold the W.H. for 12 years which could be done with Pres. Trump in 202r and DeSantis as V.P. going for President after that for the full 8 year term. This country is in such turmoil we need a very conservative approach. May be wrong and this is just pie in the sky but these liberals are devious and corrupt. the control by the likes of Gates, Soros. Blumberg, zuckerberg is hard to crush.

    1. Your idea is common sense. I do hope Pres. Trump has the opportunity to finish all the good that he had put in place. Just think where we would be as a country if he had not been cheated out of his second term. I do hope that if he runs, he does not choose a woman for V.P. DeSantis is the best choice.

  4. I really think it is too early to even make such a statement. First let’s get through November. My initial thoughts is I would like us to hold the W.H. for 12 years which could be done with Pres. Trump in 2024 and DeSantis as V.P. going for President after that for the full 8 year term. This country is in such turmoil we need a very conservative approach. May be wrong and my approach is just pie in the sky, but these liberals are devious and corrupt. the control freaks like Gates, Soros. Blumberg, zuckerberg is hard to crush.

  5. Why not a Trump/Desantis ticket, then maybe Conservatives could lock up the White House for 12 years

  6. I believe a winning Republican team for the presidency would be DeSantis of Florida, and Kristi Noem of South Dakota!

  7. I would like to know in what states the poll was taken, time period poll was taken, who took the poll, and how questions on poll were framed.
    Otherwise I don’t trust any polling, even Fox News polling! Although I am a big fan of Desantis, I think we have a lot of time left before presidential election. This is not even important with all the problems our country faces now. Let’s begin to heal our country as best we can in next 5 months and then look to the future elections. We must regain both Senate and House by huge margins!

  8. Trump’s policies were good but his personality is terrible. I would not vote for him if he runs. If he truly cares about America he will move more into the background of the Republican Party. Without him on the ticket Republicans should sweep not only the Presidency but also both houses of Congress.

    1. Promises made, promises kept. Can you name any president who kept all of his promises??Wisdom is shown to vote for polices and honesty rather than personality.

  9. I think that some conserevative are rejected Trump because he failed to put in jail traitors like the Clinton and all the crew of the scam about Trump and the Russian connection. No guts, no vote.

  10. I commented on this Oped, and posted it! It originally showed immediately, but now is not present???????
    I also checked the box to save my name and email address for future comments (which this is)!
    Is this another defective/ineffective/website or ???
    I truly don’t have time for Incompetents, we already have that in the Oval Office, and the puppeteers pulling the strings!!!!

  11. Whoever the gop candidate is in 2024, a blowout win is absolutely necessary for the good of this country. By the way, I don’t think the fool biden will run for another term. Everyone, even the treasonous democrats, know biden is nuts.

  12. I would really like to see Trump back, then Ron DeSantis, giving us control for at least 12 Years.

  13. Ron DeSantis is the one for us. Trump can be advisor in background to help with ideas to get country back on track and support Republican candidates.

  14. Our country NEDDS President Trump back in the White House in 2024 , he is the ONLY one that will be able to turn OUR country around and get things rolling again. DeSantis can do more help by staying Gov. of Florida with Trump in the White House . With Trump making our country GREAT AGAIN from 2024 til 2028 ,,,, then Desantis runs , and wins in 2028 , and his conservative ways takes us 8 more years . Vote ALL Republican in Nov. to start taking back OUR country .

  15. Let’s give Trump the 4 stolen years he “rightly” deserves with RD as his VP, prepping for the following 8 years. It’ll take that long & maybe more, with their good management, to clean up from Hurricane Biden (after all, there’s only so much FEMA can do.) My only concern is if these 2 strong personalities, and I’m not referring to the current President, can work well together. But, what a duo that could be- MAGA2 for sure! Good for the country, good for us.

  16. I personally think that Trump using scrutinized candidates for support would definitely be the best choice. I think if Trump gets back in, then he should choose Kristy Noem as his VP. They would make a perfect Team. Trump will have to fire every Obama and Biden appointed people in the WH. The Pentagon needs cleaning as well.

  17. As I stated before, if the Senate & house is then controlled by the Republican party, they should immediately remove the protection to the High Tech Companies, start impeachment of Katanji Jackson Brown and Soto Mayor as well as Roberts. All thre do not follow the U.S. Constitution!

  18. I think the new AG should be Judge Jeanine Piro, and the Director of the FBI should be Trey Gowdy. I think that Ted Cruiz would be an exceptional SCOTUS. Bring back the Republican Generals and Admirals and put them to oversee the Pentagon in its cleaning process and over all of the Military.

  19. I would definitely vote for Trump! I don’t need nice talk just good policies! Trump is outside the establishment and doesn’t OWE anyone!! That makes his America first agenda work.

  20. I can see it happening already the same old crap republicans do. Trump saves the party and all top republicans can think about is how to make sure he doesn’t run again. Do you really believe voters don’t see all the top republicans supporting whoever runs against whoever Trump endorses. I like DeSantis and I believe his time will come but using his popularity to keep Trump from running is a mistake republicans will regret. This poorly planned move is going to cost republicans seats in congress.

  21. It is not Ron’s time to run – needs to have more experience in government and how nasty the Dems really are! Believe he should be next after another win by Trump. Give him some time to learn a few things, He is not ready yet. Give him the time to see how it all works and he is solid on his feet and what he speaks! He needs to mature some, work on his presentations, thoughts, speaking. Nothing bad just put the finishing touches on them. We want a package that sells itself and will not have any doubts that he will win! IMO he is a good man and will do a great job – but give him a chance and give him the win when it is time! And Trump deserve his second term! Because we all know he did win and Obama, Soros and the Biden Crime Family took it away! Biden had to win for Obama and gang lords to call the shots!

  22. Right now I think Florida still needs DeSantis. Although he’d make a great running mate. I think s Trump/Nikki Haley ticket.

  23. I would rather see DeSantis as the Republican candidate. Trump is a very smart man; but his personality is abrasive to many. I would love to see him continue to use his considerable intelligence and talent to further the very important policies of conservatism; but leave the public persona to DeSantis.

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