Ben Shapiro Obliterates CRT and Malcolm Nance

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is one of the hottest topics in the country right now.

In its simplest form, if minorities are not on a level playing field or exceeding their white counterparts, the system is racist.

CRT also conveniently bends some historical facts to back up its narrative, but conservative Ben Shapiro blew the entire theory out of the water in about a minute, with his counterpart resorting to wisecracks to stay in the fight.

Not Hiding from History

One of the biggest arguments to support CRT is the denial of history, which is simply not true.

If anything, it is the left side of the aisle that wants to erase history.

Conservatives have always maintained that we need to teach our history, learn from it, and continue to move forward.

Liberals, especially talking heads like Malcolm Nance, like to cherry-pick facts out of context for shock value, exactly as he did in his conversation with Shapiro.

Stating that the American government put a $300 bounty on Indian scalps gets a big gasp from the crowd, but not taken in context, it is even more shocking.

Nance’s counter-argument to Shapiro was so lame, in fact, that he even had Bill Maher shaking his head in disbelief at the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Watch the full exchange in the video below and you will see how utterly ridiculous and unprepared Nance was for this exchange…

Source: The Blaze

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