Bernie Sanders Flies First Class to Push Socialist Candidate

You really cannot make this stuff up.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-proclaimed socialist, is living the dream while asking you to allow the government to support your lifestyle.

Sanders recently traveled to Pittsburgh to support PA Democrats State Rep. Summer Lee, who is running to take the seat of the 12th Congressional District.

Only Sanders did not fly with the commoners… he was traveling first class.

I Got Mine

Does anyone realize every Democrat telling us that we need to rely on the government and give all of our money to the government has already made a stack of cash?

Senator Sanders is proof of that.

The man has done virtually nothing during his political career.

His great claim to fame is a best-selling novel that his Kool-Aid fans brought, making him millions.

Bernie loves to live the posh life, often traveling by private jet.

When not doing that, he is cashing in campaign cash to travel first class, as appears to be the case this week when he went to Pittsburgh to rail for another Democrat that wants us to turn our lives over to the government.

Sanders, in endorsing Lee, stated, “We have a working-class, a middle class, in this country who are struggling and it’s absolutely imperative we get (people) into Congress who are prepared to stand up and take on powerful special interest and fight for working families.

“Summer is one of those people who will do that.

“I’ve known Summer for a number of years and Summer believes as I do, that it is totally absurd that you have billionaires in this country, some of the very richest people paying nothing, not a penny in federal income tax.

“(All) because you have a rigged tax system that favors the wealthy and large corporations.”

All the while, he is spending the money donated to campaigns by those very same hard-working Americans to fly first class.

How do liberals buy into this crap?

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. Someone give him a stick of TNT with the fuse burning for him to hold! Only take a minute or two!

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  2. You also may recall that the Clinton’s paid him off handsomely after a ‘scandal’ rocked the primaries.
    He is a career politician, which means, he sells himself out without shame or consequences.

  3. Did any one remember Sanders wife and the College scandal and the money she embezzled? She and Bernie are great team, living well on the taxpayers dime. Why are we paying people that don’t work?

  4. Bernie the Trader , stepped down so stupid joe could step in

    the dumber you are the better a position in the new gov.

    now he busy doing more for the WEF , CFR , WHO , he just want more money

    when he arrives in Hell he will get what the rest of the CFR , WHO, WEF get

    nothing but the lake of fire to roast in for ever

    justice for all those who choose wrong over right , evil over good, satan , or what ever antigod religeon over

    Truth, Justice, Holy God , Jesus Christ , The one and only to forgive all who want forgiveness and are willing to follow the way , the truth , the life in Jesus christ

  5. For the rich not paying any taxes, how does Bernie explain that the rich who earn ~25% of the total income in the USA pay ~50% of the income taxes? How much do you pay Berne and how much do you give to charity?

  6. The reason Sanders is still in the Senate is because we do not have term limits. He has gotten rich off the backs of the average American taxpayer and so have a lot of the other Congress people. It’s time to get new blood into D.C. and rid of these old farts that do nothing for the American people, but get rich off our backs. Wake-up people in the U.S. and change everything in Nov. I’ve even watched these old timets sleep in their chairs while supposedly working for the American taxpayers. Too much partying. Now post this or don’t send me anymore of your crap

  7. BERNIE came up with PAY OFF
    Just saying…

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