Bette Midler: Trump Tried to Kill Joe Biden

Like or hate Trump, I think we can all agree the sentiment currently coming out of the mouth of Bette Midler is insane.

With reports surfacing that Trump may have tested positive before the first presidential debate, Midler is now accusing Trump of attempted murder.

According to Midler, Trump purposely went to the debate with COVID to try to infect and kill Joe Biden.

Is She Serious?

I wish I could say this was a joke, but this, sadly, is the state of delirium on the left.

The report to which Midler referred is fuzzy at best.

Trump reportedly took several tests before that debate, with one testing positive and one not.

As we all know, Trump tested positive several days after the debate, but Meadows, in his book, contested that Trump was positive beforehand but was not going to be stopped from going to that debate.

Regardless, Midler maintains that Trump knew he was positive and wanted to purposely infect Joe Biden…

Of course, the leftist horde supported her claim, but the more reasonable offered to “call the men in the white coats” to come give her the held she needs.

This is typical of the overreach by the left, specifically, Hollywood entertainers.

For some reason, they simply cannot live without having all the attention focused on themselves regardless of the topic.

What is even more shocking is the fact that so many people in this country hang on their every word.

Trust me, it is only a matter of time before we hear someone like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters uttering these same words.

Source: The Blaze

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27 Responses

    1. Gee, lets think back. Did LETS GO BRANDON get sick after the debate?? NO!!
      I forget who said it but I think it was a Democrat Politician said, “I REALLY HOPE THAT SOMEONE WITH COVID GOES TO A TRUMP RALLY AND GETS EVERYONE SICK.” I’m telling you, these ANTI American haters need to be put down.

    2. No doubt Midler needs a straight jacket . She obviously has lost the plot like the rest of the left wing loonies.

  1. She should go back to entertaining the LGBT communities they enjoyed her rude and uncouth comedy. They made her career as a comedian now she’s just a demented old fool and there is nothing funny from out of her mouth the less heard from her the better.

  2. Unfortunatly, SOME people will say anything to get attention, that THEY Cannot seem to EARN. Pathetic!

  3. Bette is a great entertainer and singer. She is outrageously lousy at speaking, writing, and apparently, rational thinking. She should just shut up or sing. NOTHING else.

  4. Butt Mudler was never funny. She is however a has been & a never was actress. I didn’t even know she was still around, since she hasn’t done anything of note for years. Oh well, she’s just another Brandon clown, opening her mouth & saying nothing worth listening too..

  5. Bette Midler….a has-been with dementia! How many ppl is she responsible for killing because she is one of the crazy left supporters….supporting MILLIONS of ppl flooding the USA from more than 150 countries and those ppl are not being tested as they are spread out around the country to spread not only Covid but other illnesses! Midler is crazy and needs to keep the mouth on her ugly face shut!

  6. Bette Midler needs to keep her mouth shut. Stay as actress not be political. Have any common sense, not any.
    Now older, portrays stupidity. As many in hollywood (actors and actresses) radical thinking will sink you.

  7. sure go after trump when it was wuhan that let this virus out! Communist democrat pedophile racist cult party gets big money from china and probably gave the okie-dokie to invade the world with the wuhan virus!

  8. Agree. Look at the source, a nothing like Bette whatever her last is. Never have been able to figure out where it comes from that this nothing person has talent. She can’ t sing, dance, or act. All she can do is open her BIG mouth and nothing in that ever makes sense comes out. She is ugly besides, looks like she has tried to improve herself with sugery but she is still ugly.

  9. How ridiculous. Will they never stop with all the fraud and lies about Trump? You would think by now all the radicals and liberals would have seen what a huge mistake they made by going after Trump and backing Biden. When people like Midler come up with off the wall stuff like this it tells me something about their intelligence and maturity. If she were really worried about the spread of Covid she should look to our wide open borders. Why isnt Biden making all illegal immigrants get tested and vaccinated??? Whats the point in making all legal US citizens wear masks and take shots if new cases of Covid are constantly coming across our borders undeterred??

  10. She is sick in mind, soul, and spirit. She needs to be placed in a padded cell for her own protection. The less we see or hear from her the better for our country.

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