Joe Biden Pushes His Worst Idea Yet

If you thought the gas tax holiday was absurd, wait until you hear what Joe Biden is demanding now:

“Lower the price of electric vehicles.”

A baboon with an abacus understands economics better than Joe Biden.

Electric vehicles are NOT cheap, nor are they going to be.

That’s precisely why Americans are so furious over what Joe’s done to our gas prices.

Electric vehicles have been expensive since the day they were introduced.

For Joe Biden to think the price is going to magically decrease just because he demands it is absolutely silly.

Economics is driven by supply and demand.

The American economy is driven (downward) by Joe Biden finding out how much money he can print.

“We need to grow and harness more energy here at home,” Biden moaned.


But of course, instead of drilling here, Joe Biden wants to do it as inefficiently as possible.

“Let’s lower the price of electric vehicles so we never have to pay at the pump in the first place.”

He boasts that this “will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump.”

According to that math, it would take just under 63 YEARS to save enough in gas money to afford the $60,000 needed for an average electric vehicle in America.

The man is delusional.

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15 Responses

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  5. OMG complete idiot. You people that voted for him are proud of him..lmao goes to show u any idiot can be president of the united states

  6. I don’t care what anyone else says I will always believe that the Election was stolen from Trump. The Democratic party and the Domino voting machine company, and a lot of postal workers and corrupt people were involved in this crime. And it seems like the Democrats are constantly trying to sweep all their crimes under the rug that is so full now that they are running out of rug. I also believe that Biden and his handlers are trying to bankrupt our government our Armed forces and now the people of America themselves by causing all the prices of everything and anything to almost double in price deliberately. Doesn’t anybody realize what he is trying to do to us. Whatever he’s doing it’s damn sure not for the good of our country or its people.

  7. New Audi E Tron SUV costs 70K
    Used go can go from 30-50K if any
    NO way Joe
    Wont work

  8. when EVs are 100 % required what will happen when everyone plugs in the vehicle to charge it at the end of the day and all the power goes out, folks will be unable to prepare dinner, do laundry and/or turn the lights on. another thing, what if they catch fire in the garage in the middle of the night because many have done so, just go up in flames. Many people will be stranded with all electric vehicles, as the charges run out, what about emergencies if the vehicle is not completely charged and you have an emergency? many issues that nobody wants to talk about.

  9. I just got censored for claiming China owns Biden. Whatever happened to The Constitution? Democrats are erasing it, that’s what.

  10. Censored twice in the same day! Some people don’t know how to stop being criminals. I’ll bet this becomes number three.

  11. Well, knock me down with a feather, a comment got past the censor! As long as they can shut us up, we’re not free.

  12. Fourth censor in a row for things that aren’t controversial at all. A little less freedom each time. Next time the masks come back, and they will, they’ll have a lock, and the government will have the only key.

  13. Seems too many electeds don’t know what the Constitution says and have refuted their Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend it.

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