Biden Administration Issues Non-Deportation Order to ICE

There is now another classification of undocumented immigrant safe from deportation.

Biden acting ICE Director Tae Johnson has announced that “victim-centered” illegals can no longer be deported.

ICE agents will now cease taking deportation actions against illegals that are “victims” of crimes.

Working the System

We know many of the illegals crossing our border are part of some type of human trafficking scheme.

Be it being brought into the country to help cartels, sex trafficking, or being outright sold, this is all part of the contingent coming into the country.

So, now Biden’s acting ICE director has, in essence, given all these people immunity.

The new order states, “When victims have access to humanitarian protection, regardless of their immigration status, and can feel safe in coming forward, it strengthens the ability of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including ICE, to detect, investigate, and prosecute crimes.”

So, here is the problem with that order… it will facilitate the problem rather than discourage it.

This feeds right into the illegal activity at the border.

Realistically, the chances of this administration catching and prosecuting these human traffickers is nil, so now the “victims” come forward and get instant amnesty from the government.

This order feeds the problem, not solve it.

Source: Just the News

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34 Responses

  1. I have just one response to Beijing Biden’s crock of $hit order:


    1. Good idea, Debbie! I agree with you! We should impeach Biden and Harris jointly! Harris got her start in politics by sleeping with Willie Brown! She came in last in the New Hampshire primary and tanked in the Iowa caucuses, She dropped out after that. I thought that that was was the last we would ever see of Slippery Bloomers Harris until Sleepy Joe picked her for his VEEP.

      1. Barry Goldwater once said, “there is a smell, we need to get rid of it..”….there is a choking smell in Washington DC now… Nov 2022 cannot come fast enough..


    1. Him and everybody that is directing Biden on what to do, Obama,Piglosi,Shumer, etc! Biden is too busy whispering in little girls ears!

  2. Why can Biden encourage illegal immigrants to break our laws and not be punished for it?Why aren’t lawyers or the Supreme court stepping in?

  3. Dear J M & J: TAKE THIS ABOMINATION OF DEMENTIA AND ALL HIS “KEEPERS” AND JUST DO AWAY WITH THEM. How much more hate, racism, dividing by these animals must we go thru before You, J, M, & J. Come to aid our country???????? The Founding Fathers were right. America will only be destroyed from within. Please take their last breath……from all of them.

  4. Piece of Crap!
    We have some major problems in America that this “POC” administration as well as commie dems are trying to push down our throats. Time to change now! Stand for our rights!
    What a “POC”

  5. This is getting really ridiculous send them all back home!!!!They should have finished the wall and closed the boarder like Trump had started but they would not because they wanted the imagrates votes they did not care about what it was going to cost the American population!

  6. So sad! Then he and FBI have the nerve to treat US Citizens that came to Jan. 6 as terrorists and yet let these terrorists free to destroy others. Is he projecting his own sons and his misbehaviors on to these illegals so he thinks it will make his conscious clear? Does this administration ever think logically for our nation?

  7. You have to hand it to low-brain Joe Biden…He was the first candidate to become president… just by not being a TRUMP guy. He is not working for the USA but for the destruction of America as we know

  8. Biden is getting his “10%” from someone for destroying our country and spreading Covid-19 throughout every place he ships illegal migrants without notice. Is it the cartels, Democrats looking for votes or cheap labor, his base proclivities with young girls? How much are the rest of his administration members getting for allowing all the human suffering in trafficking of people and especially children, participating in drug trafficking, and increasing the spread of Covid-19? Biden has always been out for Biden and his shameful family criminal enterprise. Impeach ALL Democrats. They hate this country and need to go somewhere else and ruin that country.

  9. This is so sickening. Watching this country being destroyed is too much. May GOD intervene and save us.

  10. Sad that Biden was the best that Demorats had to offer. An old incompetent loser that skated for almost fifty years in politics. He now just-says and sign whatever Piglosi or Hussein Obama puts in front of him.
    And to allow that headboard to be vice pres is an insult to all of the women that would have made America great again by being in that position.

  11. If biden stays in office any longer he will turn our country over to the migrants. We will no longer be the america we love, but the new name will be imagration free country

  12. It would appear that bidenavich is working hand and hand with the cartels. Now all thed48j3 y have to do is point out that the were trafficed and were threfor a victem of a crime.

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