Biden Administration Seeks ‘Road Map’ to Normalize Taliban Relations

Normalize and Taliban… two words I never thought would go together.

Honestly, when Trump was working his deal with the Taliban, I questioned whether it would ever be successful.

Trump stood up to the terrorists and kept them in check, while Biden now seems ready to cave to them completely.

Dangerous Words

Afghanistan is going belly up under Taliban rule and if funding currently frozen is not released soon, it will be dire times indeed for the terrorist-run nation.

The majority of the money is being frozen by the United States, but the wording of Biden officials makes it sound like Joe wants to let that money go.

Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Thomas West, stated that the United States is now pursuing a “normalization” of relations with Afghanistan and the Taliban.

That makes it sound as though the United States will, at some point, formally recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.

If that happens, the money starts to flow again.

To that point, West stated, “The Taliban have voiced very clearly and openly their desire to normalize relations with the international community; to see a resumption in aid; to see a return of the international diplomatic community to Kabul; to see sanctions relief.

“And the United States can deliver none of these things on our own, and we have to work together with the international community in order to see those things about.

“But that’s not an insignificant give and take, and again, we just want to first consult with our likeminded allies on exactly what the roadmap looks like.”

I could be wrong, but it sure sounds to me that is the path we are headed down with the Taliban.

Can you possibly imagine how Americans will feel when billions of dollars get funneled from the United States to the Taliban… the Taliban!

They are forbidding women from being out in public without men, from going to school, and hanging people in public squares with summary executions… and we are going to normalize relations with them.

The 2024 election cannot get here soon enough.

Source: Breitbart

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26 Responses

  1. Biden is a coward that why I fly f__k Biden at my house and if any one try to make me take it down it will be the last thing they do on this planet

    1. I don’t know where you live but I live, believe it or not, in California, trust me, I am not bragging but I am starting to see those flags more and more. I live in an HOA so we can’t fly any type of political flags or I would have one in front of my house also. I’ve been here 7 years now and that is part of the rules. Just like our cars can’t be parked on the street overnight. You can’t wash your car in front of your house, things like that but guess what??? I’m the President of the HOA.

      1. dam time to outlaw HOAs I would not live in a place like that nobody has a right to tell me what I can or cannot do on a place I have brought and paid for except my wife that’s the reason when I purchased the land I live on made sure was not HOA and it was listed as residential and for business also so gave me freedom to do as I wanted to do

  2. Biden is a putz! He is throwing us in the toilet! How dare he do this to loyal Americans.

  3. The muslim taliban is no different than NK or china, make promisis they never keep, after getting what they want. jo needs to go!

  4. It would be nice if he would normalize relations with USA, but then again he hasnt been interested in honoring his oath of office since he placed his hand on the bible

  5. Trump is the coward why else would he want to hide 750 pages of info Americans need to know why he started Jan 6 riot and as a supposedly president he should have stopped it

    1. WTF is your major malfunction??? This thread is about Biden and another mistake he’s about to make. If you’re trying to defend him by bashing on Trump, you seriously need to get your mental health evaluated! Biden is a disaster. America needs to put Trump back in the White House to fix everything that Biden/Obama has done to destroy our country! Get help!

    2. Cathy, Trump is trying too save another democrat witch-hunt situation from blowing up in their faces once again, how
      many times has something they went looking for wasn’t there? you’d be a happier person if you took the red pill, life is better when you’re standing on the side of truth, American’s are waking up to the lefts deception and destruction, starting with minorities, they always make promises before election time and then those same minorities sink even lower in life as the lying democrats turn their backs once they have their votes, as Hillary once stated “the democrat voter is a useful idiot”! and by the way have you seen all the different backgrounds of people at TRUMP rallies? the many ethnicities are truly having a great time and enjoying each other, if you don’t believe me, take the time and have the courage too see it for yourself, happy holidays too you!!

    3. Looks like you picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue! You’re delusional at this point. Typical low info voter!

    4. Don’t know what planet you’re from but HOWS BIDUM WORKING OUT FOR YOU NOW? How long is it going to take for you to open your eyes and see how we are being destroyed from the inside ? If you don’t like this country, please leave. TRUMP was the only one that had our country under control.

  6. China Joe is nuts if he thinks normal relations is a attainable with the Taliban. They are laughing at him. Bring back TRUMP and quick.

  7. Get this phony, illegally ” elected ” spineless individual OUT of The Oval Office. Put a real leader in that Seat.

    And while you’re at it, have the authorities pick up that woman posing as VP when her next plane lands, ending a junket she can’t possibly explain.

    End this CIRCUS / Save AMERICA

  8. SO… How Much $MONEY$ and You Gonna Give The Enemy Now Joey ! Billions or Trillions ! It’s Only Money ! We’ll Just Print More !

  9. I think the Taliban owes us money for military equipment that Biden just forgot about! Return our military equipment or we keep their money!

  10. What happened to my comment that I spent a lot of time writing? This site does this to me every single time. WHY????

  11. This administration has set back women in Afghanistan 30 years. He has hurt women in the USA. Less of us are working because of the government giveaways and inflation just keeps on going…

  12. You would think that by now the government should know that you cannot talk to terrorists, and as for normalizing relations with a terrorist nation will not work, this administration is dreaming

  13. I didn’t vote for Biden, so he’s not my president in my head. I just keep trying to think of ways to reset the election and get Trump back in office to fix everything this senile old man has messed up since January and get all those illegals back to their countries and out of ours. So how many Taliban entered out country with the transports out of Afghanistan? The way that was handled, I can’t help but think that many Taliban actually entered our country as well as those that really needed to be here. A driver taking a storage container into Fort Lee for the use of the Afghanistanians housed there, says they walked out in front of the truck, the kids stood in the road and wouldn’t move, others had to come and physical move these people out of the roadway. Glad I wasn’t driving, I would have rolled on real slow and they would have had to move, especially since I was bringing in something for their use.

    1. Start a petition in your state for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election immediately before the 22 month run out and the ballots can be legally destroyed. Send the signed copies to the state board of elections after making copies to send to the representatives and senators of your area of the state, in the state legislature.

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