Biden Administration Relying on Taliban for Safe Passage of Americans

Less than two months ago, Joe Biden was asked if trusted the Taliban to honor their word.

Biden was adamant that he did not trust them in any way.

That stance has apparently changed, as the fate of Americans in Afghanistan is now based on the goodwill of these terrorists.

Safe Passage

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has finally decided to cut her vacation short with the crisis in Afghanistan unfolding.

She joined National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on the dais on Tuesday for an update regarding the events in Afghanistan.

There are still many Americans outside the city of Kabul that need to be evacuated.

Even as reports are surfacing of people being beaten by the Taliban in the area, Sullivan is telling everyone not to worry.

He stated that the administration has been “in contact with the Taliban to ensure the safe passage of people to the airport.”

That is a stark contrast to the stance taken by Biden about six weeks ago, when he flat out stated, “No, I do not trust the Taliban.”

According to Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), as many as 500 Americans are stuck behind Taliban lines that need assistance to get out of the country.

This, again, shows just how disorganized this plan was from the outset.

If a single American loses his or her life, that blood will forever be on the hands of Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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43 Responses

  1. Screw dementia Joe and obummer. Leader of taliban was released from gitmo by these two idiots. And where are the witches of th “me too “ movement-missing in action

    1. Biden and his criminal administration all need to face justice. Biden is the biggest idiot who ever occupied the WH. He is destroying our country and our enemies overseas are laughing at us and who knows what they are planning.

  2. I don’t care if it’s nothing more than a scratch, any drop of blood from an innocent is on this monstrosity of an administration !!!!!!!!!!

  3. It just goes to show “YOUR” president has NO idea what he is saying or what the reality of Afghanistan life really is.
    He said he actually TRUSTS the Taliban?
    Another of the MANY lies spoken.

    1. I personally trust Sleezy Joe and his whole Administration as much as I do the Taliban….About as far as I can pick up the empire state building and throw it… yep not one bit….They both have lied and stabbed us in the back. Obama, and this idiot let the now Taliban leader out of GITMO for Gods sake…Treasonous action to be sure. Time for all involved in this fiasco to Anny up and pay the piper, blood has already been spilt behind their incompetence…According to both a Democrat and GOP members they knew full well what was going to happen, didn’t care and did it any way….

  4. I “HOPE” when the FORMER PRESIDENT of Afghanistan got off the plane that all the US CURRENCY that he escaped with was confiscated by the US GOVERNMENT and did not get deposited into his PERSONAL ACCOUNT!!! Leave it to Biden to not even think about that.

    IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS/PELOSI NOW otherwise this country is going down!!


  5. Biden is a senile old man that had no qualifications for office of the president. The longer he and Harris are in the office, the worse things will become!

    1. Yes! But this only reinforces what was my first thought after they “won” the Nov. 2020 election – now maybe we’ll see some things happen that will clearly, completely get across to people who would not otherwise see that these two, their whole administration is corrupt, incompetent, power-hungry, NOT fit to govern the American people….but then, there is the MSM who is touting the Taliban as “mostly nice.” Puh.

    2. Robert,

      Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden got 80 million votes in November 2020. That made him more popular than his former boss, Barack Hussein Obama(not a natural born citizen). Can you and the Democrats say that the election was stolen from my President Donald J Trump? He was inept in Congress and inept as the Vice President, what would make him better as the ILLEGITIMATE President now?

  6. Joe Biden reads what people write for him, period. Biden has no clue and probably has to be told everyday, that the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

  7. IMPEACH all of the current administration NOW. They have proven without a doubt that they DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA

  8. And a few years from now he will say, “what difference does it make now anyway”? Thank you Hillary!

  9. Face it Biden is a Joke he blames other people for his dumb mistakes he is no capable to lead the USA he is a Moran that needs to be impeached He is destroying everything He put America in a death throb Why did so many voters think he was a great person look back at his history he has not accomplish any thing. Even the world leaders no he is a lability to their nations. Take him out now he is worthless We need Trump now

  10. This is how strongly I feel about this situation, and think I am not alone: IF this were President TRUMP who pulled out our troops prematurely, with as little foresight and planning, even if miscalculation, I would fully support either an immediate reversal of the policy, or some goll-durned GOOD explanation for doing so – and if none given, that POTUS, too, be immediately removed, however that had to happen! Heck, even I would support the impeachment of the so-called Person In Charge in the WH on any grounds after this has happened. As it is, this is not enough to just say: “Don’t blame me! I voted for Trump!” These are AMERICAN LIVES at stake, and Mr. Biden, in my estimation, can never, ever come up with a good enough “excuse!” Ever.

  11. Talk about painted into a corner; if Crazy Joe goes down we are stuck with the Cackling Imbecile (and she has a stack of bones to pick). If she goes down we are stuck with Whacked Out Grandma Nancy (and she desires a communist America). These Dems stole us into a big hole that SOMEBODY WITH A BRAIN NEEDS TO GET US OUT OF, and that is scary because people with brains in DC comprise a VERY SMALL MINORITY.

  12. Get on Your knees and beg You POS!!Beg for oil after destroying our oil industry, but let the Russians ship it to us, bet You and Jr have Your hand in that pot? You are the slimmest, most worthless, cheating,lieing,corrupt POS this country has ever seen along with all but about 2 of the entire DemoRat party!!

  13. Biden is a failure he is going to destroy America and the enemy will walk right throw the border. We must secure the border now tell joe to go F*ck his self

  14. Obama plainly said he could get a third term as President if someone was elected who he could get to do what he wanted. Well here’s his wish Joe Biden. Biden was in office almost 50 years and can anyone name one thing he accomplished except getting Social Security benefits taxed. And he’s now wanting them taxed more. What an idiot! I agreed we needed to be out of Afghanistan but not getting out while leaving Americans and people working for America behind. Biden and Obama both have blood on their hands. Obama released five prisoners from Guantanamo who he said were not dangerous but were shopkeepers and farmers. Turns out they are Taliban leaders. Almost makes you think he wanted this to happen. Am I wrong?

  15. This is a very very bad thing that happened….But someone needs to close the border….or has obama got all the muslim and taliban here all ready to Kill us….This was all a set-up by obama…!!!!!!!!! We should have listened to Pres Trump…He said obama was not an American…He is a muslim who hates America…Wake up…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. who or how do we as a citizen of the usa get to help with the impeachment of both the senile trailer trash president and his present ho. we need to rid ourselves of them as well as big tit nancy pelosi. they are a sheer danger to this country. they can take along the jiad squad wit them we are through with marxists and communisum in this country we demand action now so you in congress better stand to attention and get the job done. there are future elections coming…………..hope you like your salary and of course all you can steal. oh by the way please explain all the trips senile biden takes home how mush money is he hiding for himself and his drug ridden family. please explain. how mus=ch more humiliation do we have to bare. down with biden agenda. PERIOD

  17. Mental midget bumbling Biden and his “administration” have destroyed 2 countries in 7 months – America and Afghanistan – hell of a record. All the idiot had to do was to leave President Trump’s policies in place. President Trump had a plan for Afghanistan withdrawal.

    Even China Joe should have known to evacuate all Americans first, and make sure the American military had moved or removed all the equipment, before removing most of the military from there. Now he is going to want to bring thousands of Afghans into our country in addition to the hundreds of thousands of his illegals swarming over our southern border. At this rate, we real Americans will be outnumbered shortly. We’ll be lucky to have a country left by 2022.

  18. Get Biden/Harris out of the WH now! Pelosi and Schumer are evil as well! This was all planned to go down months ago. Doesn’t anyone see this? They could care less of the Americans and Allies left behind. May God have mercy on their souls, but I don’t think they have any souls, Satan has them!

  19. Biden administration doesn’t care about American people. The crooks are getting richer every day at the taxpayers expense and that is all they are concerned about. America has been sold out to anyone that will pay money to this administration. Hard to believe a country this size has the poor leadership we have, just goes to show if you have enough money you can rule the United States. Sad sad day for American people.

  20. This will end very soon! People are waking up in big numbers and the DEEP STATE and DEMONRATS are losing their narrative on every move they make! CHECK MATE!

  21. What are they trying to hide. Another scandal, Hunter and his corruption their is something going on they don’t want you to see . Slight of hand get you looking right go left .Never waste a tragedy ?

  22. We can all thank obama for this Afghanistan disaster! And—- don’t forget Ben Ghazi! His doing as well! Wake up people! We have a satanic terrorist running our government through his stooge Biden! They all must be removed from office and sent to Gitmo to face a military tribunal!


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