Biden Aides: Why Are We Doing This?

Joe Biden’s staffers are starting to get very frustrated by the canned responses and lack of access to Joe Biden for the media.

Reports are starting to blow up that aides are sick and tired of Joe Biden not interacting more naturally with the media.

One source told CNN, “You are thinking, why are we doing this?”

The Most Personable

When Biden was running, one of the drawing points for the media was how much they all “liked” Joe Biden.

Actually, it was sickening that people were voting on personality rather than policy.

Not to mention the fact people were skipping over Biden’s horrible temper (anyone that has been around the man in person knows that to be true) and the blatant racist remarks he has made over the years.

Biden has always been able to use empathy to get into office, but he was never the person giving it.

First, it was the death of his first wife, then it was the death of his son Beau… both horrible events, but they had nothing to do with his ability as a politician.

Still, with Trump’s brash personality, far too many people simply wanted a nice guy they could like in office, and Biden was sold to the people as that man.

Since taking office, he has vacationed in Delaware just about as much as he has been at the White House.

He has been virtually inaccessible to the public and his handlers generally keep his comments scripted so he does screw up and they have to walk back his comments.

The aides that were sold on Biden being the savior are now growing frustrated, with one inside source stating, “World’s most interactive man and we’re going to have him conduct the presidency from the set of ‘Jeopardy!’”

Biden is now in triple digits for not holding a formal presser, and he has yet to have town hall this year.

Everyone was sold a fraud, including Joe Biden’s aides.

The man is a puppet, nothing more.

Source: New York Post

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14 Responses

  1. This lunitic needs to be removed from office biden and harris are Traitors to the American People and the Constitution

  2. Hope all the Biden lovers and Trump haters are happy with how things are going now for them. Or are all the Biden voters long gone from this world and the rest that are still with us are probably on the government payroll.

  3. That many people NEVER voted for him anyway. That election with all those drop boxes were all fraud. Hey Biden your the worst president of all time

  4. Joey B. Is what happens when you give the most difficult job in America to the most unqualified, inept , dishonest, greedy, and scandal ridden man to ever hold office….Hence LETS GO BRANDON !
    I hope gas goes to 100.00 a gal to make Democrats in the cities suffer , SUFFER !
    This is the Democrat plantation way.

  5. Don’t feel sorry for Biden losing his wife. He was cheating on her with Jill, and as soon as Jill got a divorce, they got together for life. He got what he wanted.

  6. The end result of the rigged election is that we are stuck with the most incompetent screwup to ever occupy the White house.

    1. God have mercy on America. Satan controls brainless Biden and was sent to destroy the American way of life.
      American citizens can vote Republican in November and goofy Biden will be impeached and he can live in his Delaware beach house forever!

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