Biden Announces New Round of Judicial Nominees

If you thought Donald Trump moved quickly to fill judicial vacancies, Joe Biden appears to be right on his heels.

Biden has just announced his 10th round of judicial nominees less than a year into his first term.

Thus far, due to an unlikely ally in Senator Graham (R-S.C.), his nominees have met little resistance, which is bad news for Trump’s legacy.

Washed Away

Just as Joe Biden did with Trump’s policies, Biden hopes to destroy Trump’s judiciary legacy.

Above all else, this was probably one of Trump’s most significant accomplishments during his time in office.

Our judiciary had a notable lean to the left.

While Trump did not completely level the playing field, he got pretty close.

Unfortunately, he ran out of time before he could get the job completely done.

Joe Biden’s team has been working fast and furious to offset the gains made by Trump by constantly sending wave after wave of nominees to the Senate.

For the most part, these nominees have been pushed through because Senator Graham has been rubberstamping just about every nominee proposed.

There are a total of 78 current vacancies, and Senator Schumer has already nominated 64 candidates to fill those spots.

So far, 28 judges have been confirmed.

The White House stated that Joe Biden is fulfilling his “promise to ensure that the nation’s courts reflect the diversity,” but that is far from what is going on here.

Trump confirmed an amazing 230 judges while in office as well as nominating three Supreme Court Justices.

This is about offsetting Trump’s gains and giving the left a bigger edge than it already has.

With no meaningful resistance in the Senate, expect these nominations to continue to fly through at a record pace.

Source: Washington Examiner

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14 Responses

  1. We Patriots don’t give a flying fxxk about Joe’s nominations…unless they can shoot, move and communicate and know which bathroom to use.

  2. More treason by the biden, bo deceit to dictate the U.S.A. with dem libtard attacks on U.S. Citizen’ Freedom ! These attacks could be pervented with mandatory U.S. Military trials for both biden & bo high treason crime ! NOW !

  3. don,t believe he will have such an easy time after the next election and maybe rino Graham will not be there but a true Repub. will take his place

  4. Not surprised at what Biden is doing but I am disappointed once again in the Republicans rubber stamping his choices

  5. Graham is a non-constitutional POS!
    If this azzkizzer lived when the Constitution was signed he would have been taken out and hung!

  6. The degenerate RINOS better take note that Conservative Republicans have been watching . The 2022 election hopefully will see Republicans re-taking the House and senate , but , at the same time you’ll see some of the swamp RINOS getting booted out and replaced with TRUE Conservatives .

  7. The only thing the Biden administration has done is abolish anything Trump did. Nothing for the good of our country. Just demolish all of Trumps actions. No matter that they were good for our country.

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