Biden Approval Rating Among Democrats Dipping

Depending upon the poll, Biden’s approval rating is anywhere from about 48 percent to 55 percent.

We know these polls are not an exact science, so we look at consistent trends rather than actual numbers to get a better feel for what they represent.

If Biden’s people are looking at the polls since he took office, they will notice an alarming trend… that Democrats are starting to drift.

Buyer’s Remorse

When Biden was awarded the presidency, I was very adamant that I believed moderate Democrats and Republicans that voted for Biden because of Trump’s personality would have buyer’s remorse.

It has taken all of five months for that to happen.

Honestly, Joe Biden had nowhere to go but down after he took office because his approval ratings were absurdly high when he moved into the White House.

If memory serves, he had an approval rating on the pandemic of over 60 percent… on his first day in office!

Like Trump, Biden was heavily dependent upon his own party for his approval rating, but that has been sliding backward over the last few months.

This is clearly not an outlier or a one-month trend, as we have seen this slide beginning in late March and early April.

When Biden first took office, he had, in some polls, a 98 percent approval rating among Democrats.

That slid down to 95 percent in April, not necessarily a concern because that is about typical for an approval rating within the party.

However, in the most recent poll, Joe Biden has slipped down to 86 percent within his party, which is extremely low.

Biden is also slipping on the economy, dropping four points, down to 48 percent.

He has also dropped eight points for combating gun violence, another key issue on his agenda.

The only real area where Biden has not taken a hit is concerning the handling of the pandemic, something he has actually had very little to do with since taking office.

Vaccine manufacturing and distribution were well underway when he came into office, so he is benefitting significantly from Operation Warp Speed.

Something that could be a major problem that is simmering is the unemployment rate among black Americans.

When Trump took over office in January 2017, he inherited a 7.4 percent unemployment rate, which had declined to 5.6 just prior to the pandemic. Today, the unemployment rate for black Americans is at 9.1 percent, down only .1 percent since January 2021.

Biden will get some leeway on this while benefits are still available, but when they run out, if these people cannot find work, it will give Republicans significant ammo to use against him.

Were it not for the perception that Joe Biden actually did something regarding the pandemic, his approval rating would be well under 50 percent right now.

Joe may not know it, but he is hanging on by a single thread and if there happens to be a surge in COVID again this fall and winter, that thread will break.

Source: The Hill

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13 Responses

  1. These polls must be fake Biden should be getting F- for failing his job as President.Just like the 2020 Election Fraud Anybody is a Fraud it’s the almighty Biden the one that takes a vacation every weekend to his place in Delaware,or hide in the bunker under the WH

  2. Agree! He is a disaster of major proportions! Anyone who thinks he is truly the president is living in a vacuum! He needs to be impeached, along with cackles Harris, wicked witch Piglosi and cryin Schumer! They are a national security threat!

  3. All of this about voting integrity but nothing about voter idiocy. Apparently, the average Democratic voter can’t read very well and constantly received participation trophies growing up. Is it too much to try to demand “voter IQ testing” before being allowed to cast your vote?

  4. I have to agree with Patty none of them are good for our country they all need to be impeached imediately our PRESISENT TRUMP needs to be put back in the White house

  5. It’s disappointing to see Democrats in the house and senate vote for party instead for America. It’s all about money. If a Democrat steps out of line, he/she will not get money for their next election cycle. Term limits is the only solution, but how many career politicians will vote for that.

  6. In his forty some years in Congress, Joe Biden accomplished, in effect, absolutely nothing. In his so far shorter tenure as (unelected) President, he has accomplished even less. He is an empty suit that learned to walk. He still hasn’t learned to talk intelligibly. He would be well qualified as a doorman if he could learn the difference between “IN” and “OUT”. I have no great hope that he will.

  7. If I were a Democrat I would be ashamed that I voted for Biden. What a big disappointment-he has hurt the USA. his first days of office. While padding his, relatives pockets. Bunch of crooks like the Clintons.

  8. Nothing this biden person says or what is said about him can be believed. There is plenty of PROOF that EVERYTHING biden says is a complete fabrication — if it has any sense to it at all. (How could we be expected to take a vaccine with all the duplicity even in the FAR Left media that surrounds even the vaccination?) By what is done against America by most of our own politicians, we cannot trust they care about America or Americans, ESPECIALLY biden.

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