Biden Approves Release of Three Guantanamo Prisoners

In the eyes of conservatives, Joe Biden has just done the unthinkable.  

The cell doors for three Guantanamo prisoners are being opened to set them free.

Among the three men is an alleged 9/11 conspirator.  

Set Them Free 

When Barack Obama was in office, Guantanamo was an eyelash away from being emptied and closed.  

Trump slammed the brakes on that right out of the gate.  

Joe Biden is now picking up where Obama left off.  

Just over 100 days into his administration, Joe Biden is setting Saifullah Paracha, 73, and Abdul Rabbani, 54, both of Pakistan, and Uthman Abdul al-Rahim Uthman, 40, of Yemen free.  

The most notable name on that list is Paracha, who is alleged to have ties to Al Qaeda.  

Paracha has been imprisoned for almost two decades, but now he is being sent back to Pakistan.  

Shelby Sullivan-Bennis, his attorney, stated, “The Pakistanis want him back, and our understanding is that there are no impediments to his return.” 

Contrary to the narrative being pitched by Sullivan-Bennis, the review board stated that he is “not a continuing threat.” 

At the time of his arrest, Paracha lived and owned property in New York as well as being a very wealthy businessperson 

Authorities detained him for being an alleged “facilitator” for Al Qaeda.  

Amnesty International is now putting additional pressure on Joe Biden to clear and close the facility 

In part, the group stated, “This is an outrageous and shameful violation of human rights.  

“President Biden cannot have true credibility advocating for other countries to respect human rights if he does not prioritize closing Guantánamo.” 

It would not be shocking at all to finish what Barack Obama started in completely closing down the facility and releasing all prisoners to other nations or relocating them to prisons within our interior.

That has always been the biggest fear on the right, with many believing these individuals will radicalize prisoners and create homegrown terrorists.

When Trump was in office, that was a key factor in keeping this facility open and these specific prisoners away from other inmates.

Source: Fox News 

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19 Responses

    1. Agree, sickening, especially with the anniversary approaching. Anti America Joe should be ashamed of himself. Then the phony church goer will pretend to be religious.

  1. Wake up people the United States…. The greatest nation on Earth and Joe Biden is not president he is a puppet to Barack Obama whose egotistical beliefs that somehow he is God can speak even though he’s no longer in office through Joe Biden and slow Joe is so stupid he doesn’t even see. We’re going to see Armageddon and the Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves the Day of reckoning is coming I hope you ignorant fools are ready. Slow Joe has no presidential skills, he has no idea half the time with his name is or where he left his mask God forbid this is just become ridiculous I hope you’re all happy. I want to know what would happen if they mouthpiece disappeared and slow Joe had to seriously make life altering decisions on his own think about it.

  2. YOU Gotta be kidding…You can’t print the truth……………………………..?????????????????????

  3. Get our people out of JAIL…they have been there long enough……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is Human Rights Violation…….

  4. Where is the justice for 3000 New Yorkers. These people should have faced the firing squad. They are terorists and will end up being freed and do it again.
    What’s with the Demoncrats they prefer criminals to Americans.
    They all should be in jail.

  5. I totally agree with Kimberly’s comments above. Biden is an idiot, unable to discharge even the simplest presidential responsibilities, because he is NOT, he is an imposter, he is a traitor who lost the 2020 election. The entire election was one big fraud, the worst crime in the US history. I am looking forward to President Donald J. Trump moving back into the WH and restores the United States to its glory, strength and Constitutional adherence!

  6. HELL hath no fury compared to the American People after they find out what Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and many others havde been doing and have done to their country!!. Not enough jails to hold them all!! Will NOT be a good time for them! Maybe we can get a chance to give each of them a “Mexican Paddling”! Saw it once on picture, they won’t be able to sit for years and WILL remember!!!!!

    1. Maybe they’re trying to close it so they don’t end up there. LOL

  7. ANOTHER IDIOT ACT, Bidon needs to get his head out of his hindend and start acting like a president who loves his country. He supports all the wrong countries, NOT AMERICA> SEND HIM OVER THERE TO LIVE HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH HES TRYING TO TURN OUR AMERICA into one just like them.

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