Biden Blows Up at Media After Putin Meeting

Remember how often Donald Trump got blasted whenever he would look at the media the wrong way?

Well, Joe Biden has had yet another meltdown, yelling, finger-pointing, the whole deal, and nary a word is being said by left-leaning outlets.

When a reporter challenged Biden on Putin changing his behavior, Biden just lost it.

Biden Goes Off

We all know how bad narratives were twisted when Trump was in office, but that did not matter to the media at the time.

Trump got destroyed by the media for acting this way, but we are now seeing far worse from Biden.

Biden was being challenged by a reporter regarding Putin by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins, who asked, “Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior, Mr. President?”

Biden slammed on the brakes, doubled back, and in a very angry tone, with finger waving, stated, “I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior! What the hell? What do you do all of the time? When did I say I was confident?”

I can confidently say that when Trump was in office, especially with this being a female reporter, the media would have described that as assault.

It Happened Again

Biden also got short with Peter Doocy when Doocy stated that Biden was “old friends” with Chinese President Xi.

The one thing I do have to give CNN credit for, however, is calling out Biden’s aides for constantly protecting him.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny seemed extremely concerned about this, stating, “I have never seen a president, covering the last four of them, who is so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some question.”

So, while the left-leaning media has not yet completely turned on Biden, the frustration is starting to seep through.

It will probably take a bit more time, but even outlets like CNN will go grow tired of this bob and weave tactic by Biden’s communications team.

Sources: Daily Caller & New York Post

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