Biden Gets 6-point Boost in Approval Rating

The latest Rasmussen poll has given Joe Biden an unexpected boost.

While still underwater, Biden’s approval rating is up six points from the last poll.

Biden now boasts a gaudy 42 percent approval rating.

What Happened?

To me, this is more about how temperamental and inaccurate polling can be at times than it is about something that Joe Biden has done.

His policies have continued to fail this country, yet somehow he gets a six percent boost.

My guess here is that the last poll was a bit of an outlier, as his 36 percent approval rating was a big drop from prior polls.

Even though he picked up six points on this one, this is more reflective of where his approval rating has been for months, just hovering around 40 percent.

The fact that 12 percent of Republicans approved of his performance in this poll also tells me that the overall rating is probably at least one or two points too high.

With a margin of error of nearly four points, which is quite high for a poll, I think the pollsters are even telling us that they are quite skeptical of the outcome of this poll.

So, I would not be too worried as a conservative that people are starting to buy into Joe Biden just yet.

As I have always stated, I look for trends in polls, so until I see a constant flow of Biden improving over several weeks, I will continue to believe that the majority of the country thinks this man is failing everyone.

We are probably going to see some pretty radical legislation over the next two weeks, so the next set of polls will be a far better measuring stick after seeing the significant boost Joe got from this one.

Source: The Hill

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5 Responses

  1. His number should be at zero! He has done nothing to help the American people or to fix any of this Countries problems! He is only doing what Obama tells him to and not one thing more. They want our population down so Monkeypox has arrived! Doo you wonder how much Fauci is make off this one? Another million or so to add to his 10 million he has in the bank! Wonder where he got that? Our tax money started Covid and our tax money paid for it! Now we are find out the real truth about the virus! They want us to get more jabs so more can die! And its not all from the virus its from the shots also! Thank you so much Fauci! You are fool and a terrible person! Ihope you have a good answer when you meet your maker – not God – he devil himself!

  2. She is useless she do stupid answers even she got everything writing down she is the worst secretary i ever seen

  3. Biden and Nancy Pelosi as well as Chuck Schumer they all own this theasco no way can they lie and blame concervitive they own it it’s theirs

  4. Why do you think every weekend its vacation time his mind gone he needs a boost from the drugs Jill has him on to build strength. He’s got the whole government in Washington wanting answers that he doest know what to do BUT BLAME EXCEPT TO PUT BLAME ON SOMEONE ELSE

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