Graham: Biden Cannot Recognize Taliban as Legitimate Government

The Taliban is now officially in charge of Afghanistan and has pretty much formed its own government.

As the days have passed, we have seen the Taliban has no intention of honoring women’s rights, which is just one small problem.

Even so, the Biden administration continues to treat the Taliban with kid gloves and has even entertained recognizing the Taliban as a formal government, something Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and anyone with common sense believes would be a mistake.

Bleed Them Dry

There is simply no way the Taliban should be recognized, ever.

However, when you hear Secretary of State Blinken talk about the Taliban, he seems to give off the impression that there is a possibility this administration would eventually recognize the Taliban.

That is a problem on several fronts, especially when you consider the financial ramifications of such acknowledgment.

Senator Graham addressed this very issue on Fox News recently, stating that what we really need to do is bleed the Taliban dry and crush them, and I could not agree more.

You can see his full interview in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

  1. As an American citizen for the past 86 years, I would love to see our current government (both democrats and republicans) do more than just recognize and talk about the major problems (Afghanistan, the border, covid) and really do the right thing by either punishing or kicking out of office the offenders. All we hear is talk, talk, talk, but never any action. As Biden has said, our patience is wearing thin.

    1. Our Government is so corrupt that many of them need to be on prison. Our Republican Politicians are such cowards. All they do is hide under their little desks and do NOTHING while at the same time our country is falling apart. The Democrats are destroying our country yet WE THE PEOPLE really can’t do anything. Something needs to happen before it is too late but what that SOMETHING is, I don’t know.

      1. Pelosi is a real threat to the American people. I doubt you could fine 10 people in Congress who are honest

    2. Amen and AMEN! It amazes me that these imbeciles have survived within OUR government…..THEY ARE RIPPING IT APART, and were I there, I’d send them off to a nation they could love, such as China or Afghanistan, and never again let them set foot in the United States of America.

  2. We the people have the right to abolish a government that is purposely trying to destroy us and vote in new representatives to represent America

    1. Trying to do it and how to do it, that is our problem. Less it being a civil war which we don’t want.

    2. Dave, we can do that by teaming up with the Convention of States people. They are currently working to get more states to sign on and then the power will be given to we, the people and we can choose our leaders after we usher the corrupt politicians out of D.C. Google Convention of States for more and better clarification. Thanks for your comments.

  3. WE THE PEOPLE “must” take back this Country from BIG TECH, HOLLYWOOD, SOROS, DEMWITTS, and sorry to say SEND everyone in DC HOME, until WE THE PEOPLE “FIX” what they all BROKE. “THEN” we will call back the ones that we RECOGNIZE as the proper SERVANTS of the PEOPLE and ONLY THE ONES we APPROVE OF. Even if there starts out to be only 50 , 1 from each state, “AND” our state elected GOVERNORS have to APPROVE those 50. AND we have to approve the 50 that are sent to DC. Later we can start the elections but only 50 Senators and 100 in the HOUSE, thats all!

  4. People saying we don’t want civil war well then stay in your basement.. Your freedoms and rights are being taken away and you want to wait for what? Your cowardness is disgusting. How about you grow a set and stand up for your life and freedoms. America is being destroyed by terrorists, blm,antifa, Muslims, whinny little liberal idiots. Joe Biden is the worst president. A traitor who is a trained monkey for Obama to play with. I’m 70 years old and I won’t give up my freedoms for freeloaders and cowards. Just stay out of my way! Your useless to America!

  5. who is this SOB to talk down any politician he is nothing but a back stabber its time for him to go with biden

  6. Monkey see, Monkey do. And so soon after the ccp does the same thing. Birds of a feather. Rats forever….

  7. Qualifications to run for political office….
    Compulsively lies.
    Must have half a brain.
    Have the IQ of a sponge.
    Be a complete imbecile.
    Joe Biden is perfect for the job.


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