Biden Commission ‘No Position’ on Court Packing

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court Commission has reportedly finalized its report.

The group voted unanimously to send the final report off to Joe Biden.

That report, however, may not have the one sentence that liberals wanted to be included in there.

No Position

Most liberals were hoping that Biden’s commission would support packing the court with more justices.

Joe Biden has already hinted that whatever the commission’s recommendation was would be his stance on adding justices to the Supreme Court.

Well, the commission has decided to kick the issue down the road to someone else.

The report, which is reportedly 288 pages long, will take no formal position in adding justices to the court.

Rather than take a formal position on the matter, the commission will present Biden with pro and con arguments regarding adding justices to the Supreme Court.

That is not likely to satisfy liberals, but it does give Joe Biden an out in terms of adding justices.

Had this report recommended adding justices, the uber-progressives in the party would have surely forced Biden’s hand on this.

The report summary reads, “Given the size and nature of the Commission and the complexity of the issues addressed, individual members of the Commission would have written the Report with different emphases and approaches.

“But the Commission submits this Report today in the belief that it represents a fair and constructive treatment of the complex and often highly controversial issues it was charged with examining.”

On the specific issue of adding justices to the court, the report stated, “No serious person, in either major political party, suggests court packing as a means of overturning disliked Supreme Court decisions, whether the decision in question is Roe v. Wade or Citizens United. Scholars could say, until very recently, that even as compared to other court reform efforts, ‘court-packing’ is especially out of bounds.

“This is part of the convention of judicial independence.

“The commission takes no position on the validity or strength of these claims.

“Mirroring the broader public debate, there is profound disagreement among commissioners on these issues.

“We present the arguments in order to fulfill our charge to provide a complete account of the contemporary court reform debate.”

This will not stop the far left from continuing to demand that Biden add justices to the current bench.

Kelly Shackelford, who serves as president, CEO and chief counsel for First Liberty Institute, responded, “The American public reject court-packing and any other attempt to destabilize the judiciary. Even after numerous polls show Americans reject court-packing, far-Left progressives are clearly trying to expand their political power under the guise of ‘court-reform.’

“Expanding the membership of the United States Supreme Court is nothing more than a transparent, partisan scheme to achieve purely political objectives and exercise raw power that must be rejected.”

Do you think Joe Biden will still be pressured to add justices to the court?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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22 Responses

  1. Biden and this horrible Administration will continue to do anything they can possibly do to create havoc and extreme unfairness to all people, only to satisfy themselves with their overwhelming need for power and all that goes with that.

  2. Isn’t the number of seats on the Supreme Court dictated by the Constitution? If so, if Biden tries to add some by exec. order, it would obviously be struck down in court, so an amendment to the Constitution would be needed, and only the most uber-radical Commies would hold their breath on that … which I hope they do, until their entire bodies turn blue and their entire respiratory systems shuts down permanently!

    1. I love your comment. In other words….hold breath until dead. Yes indeed. Every stinking one of them. Then we can call them the unleftables. No one left.

  3. Bidens administration wants this because they know if Republicans take hold in 2022/24 their hand picks can stop all progress of us getting our country back together.

  4. With Biden’s very low approval ratings, he can’t continue to push for packing the court without causing further damage to democrat chances of winning elections in the up coming 2022 elections and if his ratings get much lower, he may well be facing post election impeachment or removal by way of the 25th Amendment.

  5. Joe Biden as well as Harris will do all they can to satisfy the wealthy. Independent wealthy are the problem and need to be spanked. They need to be stripped of any involvement in today’s issues. Any donate so to speak money should immediately be confinskates. Put into the poverty issues they have caused. Not a politition to corrupt the laws for their personal gain ! Any business person in this country should be garnished for the distruction they have caused. Biden should be stripped of everyrhing and exiled with Obama , Bush as well as clinton families. Should all be stripped of every thing they have stolen. There self centered greed has disrupted America for over fifty years. Time to end this mess with any means possible !!

  6. What I can’t figure out is why isn’t anybody forcing the [email protected]#$%%ssclown biden to open up the XL pipeline again instead of going in the reserves and forcing him to close the Southern border but no let’s leave the gates open and keep letting the illegal aliens over run our country come on people we need to force the border be shut again and the pipeline opened up and create the jobs that were lost and ripped away from all those people biden needs his job ripped away from him and he can see what it feels like to lose your job because of his stupidity

  7. Biden’s Executive Order on the commission dealing with the Supreme Court is a clear violation of the Constitution’s Check and Balance System. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it grant the Executive Branch of government the power to examine, oversee, or explore changes to the Judicial Branch of government. The Constitution clearly states that ONLY the Legislative Branch has power to oversee the Judicial Branch. The President has abused his power with his commission to examine another “separate” branch of government.

  8. joe stalin biden communist dictator of the united soviet america will do what ever it takes to completely destroy the constitution of the united states of america being at the end of its natural life cycle with nothing to lose it simply want to be remembered as the man that destroyed america

  9. Nathan says we should make clown Biden close the border and open the pipe line. My question is, how do we do that, we’ve written our congressmen and senators, telling them to stand up and do there jobs they were sent to do. If they don’t lesson, vote them out, but that’ll be next year, so how do we put pressure on this administration to make them do the right thing and fix the problems they caused in this country right now before its to late?

  10. People who say the hate America are allowed to say that but my saying they should not be allowed to hold office is not allowed
    Truth will always come out and rule over fake news or half truths
    Wake up America
    Find out the truth

  11. To bad if the liberals don’t like the commissions report packing the court is a bad idea so I hope it does not happen

  12. I don’t like white people !
    They weren’t there to save me when Corn pop busted my cherry !
    Crippled Joe was how they knew me !
    The chlorine in the pool stopped the
    bleeding . It was then I knew I was running for the senate .

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