Biden Goes on Confused Rant About Daughter’s Wedding Mid-Event

There is nothing worse than “pandering Joe Biden” in terms of opportunities for Biden to look like a fool.

Joe did it again this week pandering to Rabbis to celebrate the start of the Jewish High Holidays.

Biden went off on a tangent about his daughter’s wedding, cracking bad jokes, and actually forgetting details of his daughter’s wedding.


On Thursday, Joe Biden held a virtual event to celebrate the start of the Jewish High Holidays.

Joe Biden decided this was a great time to tell his daughter’s wedding story, since she married a Jewish man.

Biden stated, “We wanted to have a co-confessional wedding.

“And we had a chuppah on the altar, and we had a co- … it was co-officiated.

“Now, some of you aren’t going to like this, but it was co-officiated by a Catholic priest as well as a Jewish rabbi.”

Not sure why anyone on the call would be upset about that, nor am I sure what a “co-confessional wedding” is.

Let me play Jen Psaki here and say that what Biden meant to say was an interfaith wedding.

As Biden went on, somehow, using his words, he forgot the only and most important request he made.

Now, before you watch the video below, get in the right mindset that you are watching the man that calls himself the president of the United States…

Inappropriate jokes, forgetfulness, mindless banter… no wonder the Taliban was not worried about the repercussions of taking over Afghanistan.

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

    1. Biden CAN be impeached if the Republicans enact the “War Measure Act” against him.
      With all the illegals coming in, they are a threat to National Security!

      1. Where are all the good-intentioned TONGUE wagers when we Americans desperately need their HANDS to sign the paperwork to put Biden “out to pasture”??
        This mumbling, old buzzard could start another “Civil War” after letting all the illegals in, and NEVER even know he did it!

  1. Then if Biden is not there, who would the puppeteer have to tell what to do? Oh, yes, giggles, the one who laughed when she hear 13 soldiers had been murdered. There are some from a previous presidency, not Trump’s, that are pulling Biden’s strings and telling him what to do because he is nt capabel and we are going to be in deeo trouble.

  2. This prevaricating, plagiarizing senile old man who is president is and will continue to make the USA into a laughing stock instead of the leader of the free world it has been since the 2 WW It is infuriating to watch and listen to him try to even put together a sentence that makes sense on any level , but it actually should be no surprise since he has very seldom made any sense during his entire approx. 50 years of sponging off the taxpayers while ostensibly accomplishing anything of consequence which of course he has not.

    1. I must say, Joe Biden does not know he has a problem mentally that the entire world knows.His wife could care less about him becau7se if she did she would have stopped Obama putting him up for President. He may push the wrong button and start WW3.
      She does not care, she will go find another man and giggles is absolutely no use in politics in spite of what Willie tri4d to teach her about politics, she learned the other lessons. GOD HELP US, Joe can hit the wrong button and destroy the world. It seems not one d–ned person in government is watching carefully. He is given his tasks and help if he cannot do them. All our enemies have to do is whisper to Joe what to do and it seems there is an “in house” person destroying the USA and those that can help will not.
      get bus loads of illegals and send them to Pelosi’s neighborhood, Water’s neighborhood, Schumer’s hood, and even Obama’s neighborhood and aoc’s neighborhood along with a few others. There are enough illegals to share4 with all who think it is okay to have the crime happening.

  3. I worked for a Jewish doctor and a Baptist doctor in the same practice. Everyone worked together as one big happy family.. We all attended the wedding of the Jewish Doctor’s daughter and years later, the Baptist doctor’s son. We had a fabulous time at both weddings. This is not new, Joe. It’s been happening for years and years. Yes, people believe it.

  4. Look who’s driving the titanic ! It’s Lying Joe I’m really happy The Big guy could find two priests of opposing beliefs to push aside their morals so easily .
    Wonder how they feel about overseeing a real time abortion .
    If he can get 1000 more it won’t help . God knows all , Tell it all Joe !!!!
    The confession is a catholic tradition , pick one Joe ! Your time is short !
    Tell how politics and the democrat owned media have carried a blind man into a minefield a rotten man America last man . Only to abandon him when he becomes useless or troublesome like CUOMO get ready Joe we know the Democrats eat their own . ASK JEFFREY EPSTEIN Nope done got ate .
    A turncoat to the American people he floods America with Death from several countries simultaneously. Afghans can’t fly ! Their people blame Americans.
    Get ready for real trouble because this brain addled buffoon can’t brush his own teeth .

  5. how can the big guy expect to be a leader, if he is so debouched and accepting a stolen, office,? he did not win the election, we know it, the world knows it. so what kind of respect will he get from other world leaders…WILL this man
    will put destruction mode..PRAY NOT!

  6. Whats all the whining and complaining, you idiotic democrats keep electing to office people like Harris, Biden and ilk. So deal with it till next election when people with brains figure out the democratic party is ridiculously inept.

  7. It all really started with Bill & Killery Clinton. God gives us a free will and those who voted for the Demon-Rats, used their left sided brain and choice
    un-wisely. Jesus is the Right Hand of God. Sooo! If ya got a brain at all guess who wins in this battle of good & evil. Those who wait upon the Lord are highly blessed…😙😙🤗🤗❤️🙏

  8. Buffoon is too kind a word for this imbecile. He, the demoncrats, and sycophant cheaters/ voters, …and God know Joe. And Kamala didn’t win anything except the stupid award.

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