Biden DOJ Designates $139 Million for Local Police Forces

Joe Biden has handed his buddies in blue a massive win, only it was the wrong buddies in blue.

Biden has allocated $139 million to bolster local police forces.

This would be the same police forces that were gutted after Democrat mayors and city councils pulled funding.

It’s a Win-Loss

While I am happy these local police forces are getting some extra cash to rebuild their departments, this is not how it should have come.

First, the money these departments are getting comes from the overly wasteful $1.9 trillion COVID package passed in March.

I stated at the time that package was loaded with fluff, and Democrats are proving me right.

This is far from the first time this administration has reallocated funding that was originally tagged for COVID spending and it surely will not be the last.

Additionally, why are the American taxpayers once again being forced to bail out blue states for mismanagement?

Many of the police forces that will benefit from this defunding are in blue cities that did this to themselves.

Now they are understaffed, morale is low, and they have no funding to do anything about it.

Rather than local money going to support its police force, as it should be, now the entire country is being forced to pick up the tab.

This is a political stunt by Biden as well, as he is hoping to do something that will help flip his numbers on crime in this country.

It is a desperate measure where the American taxpayer is, once again, being asked to pick up the tab.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. But the money will never get to the police forces because it will be stolen once again by the liberal swamp criminals of Congress , as usual . Just like the rest of the “infrastructure” funds , they , in effect , just gave themselves .

  2. If this money was stolen ( or as I’m sure the Dems will say ” TRANSFERRED ” from the Covid bill it was intended for,
    why would anybody in their right mind think it WON’T be “TRANSFERRED AGAIN ” once it re-allocated ?

  3. You are so right in your interpretation of Brandon’s, errr Biden’s motivation! Why aren’t the Governors and Mayors that blocked their police forces from quenching the terrorist riots of BLM and Antifa being sued for the damage they let happen and impeached for their failure to protect their citizens. Until every local and state resource is expended in these states and cities not a single cent of states and cities that did should be sent to those areas where their officials made conscious efforts to let the riots go on without lifting a finger. Any state or city that released those few rioters arrested without charges or bail should never get a cent of money from those that apprehended and brought to trial the terrorists.

  4. Biden is as crooked as they come. Voters should remember how he and his administration have mishandled America and make sure they don’t get a repeat.

  5. Get that idiot out of the white house he is a low life hypocrite Most of America hates Biden he is a complete foolish Moran

  6. The BEST thing king O’Biden can do for the whole damn country would be to take a ONE-WAY trip to China, and take Harris, Obama, and Pelosi with him !!!!!!!!!!!! I would be HAPPY to donate money to that cause !!!!!!!!!!!

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