Massive Migrant Caravan Pushing Toward US Border, Biden Does Nothing

There is yet another massive group crossing Mexico headed to our border.

An organized caravan of roughly 2,000 migrants overran Mexican forces and continued on.

Sadly, Joe Biden and this administration are doing nothing to slow them down.

They’re Coming

Mexican forces had set up a blockade in an attempt to stop the caravan’s progress, but it was not successful.

As a matter of fact, the “blockade” was overrun in a matter of seconds…

This is not just a random group of migrants but a completely organized group.

In fact, the caravan was organized online to the point individuals registered via a QR code to participate in the group, per Fox News.

One migrant even called out Harris and Biden for trying to dismiss the problem by throwing big checks at these countries…

Keep in mind, there is also still a massive group of some 60,000 Haitian migrants working its way to the border as well, giving Biden a jump start on beating his record 2021 fiscal-year immigration numbers.

There is little hope of this stopping anytime soon, as this administration has proven that if it cannot bring more immigrants to this country legally, it will simply allow all of the illegals to stay here.

They will put more and more pressure on wages as well as entitlement programs.

This problem coupled with Biden’s disastrous economic policies are creating a black cloud for the future economy of this country.

Sources: New York Post, Breitbart, & Fox News

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19 Responses

  1. Biden doesn’t know what to anyway. He has caused all this chaos but has no idea how to stop it. He is a total flop as president!

  2. Our younger people better wake up soon and set up our own barriers then. Protest huge to Biden and senators to stop this from happening. 2 court orders already have been given to this corrupt administration to put Trumps policies back in place and they haven’t followed our law the courts law or the constitution to keep Americans safe.
    Something needs to be done now. Before a civil war breaks out or revolution.

  3. Biden admitted that he was NOT the president that President Trump was still the president then he must step down and ask Trump to take over!! I wish it was that simple!!

  4. Don’t you get it? Destruction of our economy IS the plan. They are succeeding admirably. The entire globe suffered economic downturns in the past year, except for CHINA. First quarter of this year they were up by 18.5%!!
    The Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Soros, etc. families are raking it in via their investments in China. Can you say “Thanks, Democrats for screwing America.”

  5. It all is intentional with biden anyway ! HE WANTS TO DESTROY AMERICA , per the NWO agenda goals ! HE IS an enemy of America ! Totally treasonous criminal !

  6. biden better get out of his rocking chair and do something positive for this country in regards to his open border policies. If he let’s in thousands more of these law breakers in, he should be immediately removed from office!

  7. Biden’s wall for his vacation home. And we are paying for it, about half a Mill I say as a tax paying citizen next time he goes there we lock the SOB inside and leave him there!!! FJB

  8. These immigrants are acting like they can come to America and do whatever they want. Their coming like they are entitled but the taxpayers are footing the bill. I don’t know why people are listening to an old senile pervert he doesn’t know what is going on. For the love of Pete wake up especially republicans

  9. biden , the most disquesting Pig ever , thief, crime leader , shell of a vessel

    no clue
    no idea
    just another idiot

    get ready for judgement

    True , God , is still in charge

    judgement is for Evil , and those who choose evil biden over Good, they lie, cheat, steal , decieve

  10. King O’Biden’s PUPPETEER MASTERS haven’t told him what to do or say about this yet !!!!!!!!! Our country IS in the toilet, and O’Biden’s PUPPETEERS have THEIR hand on the FLUSH LEVER !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Get him out now!!!Biden…Harris… Pelosi…..Get Trump back in now!!!!Finish building the wall and get the pipeline back and finished. Do whatever it takes to stop the illegal immigration and turn all those people back. Put them all on busses to the other side where they came from. Take care of the USA before another country.You work for us!!!!!

  12. Once again Biden and his administration have shown that they don’t care about the country, do you really expect Biden to do anything except push his leftist ideas down our throats, he is a waste and should be impeached along with his whole administration

    1. Bidens on another planet,he thinks that we dont care as long as we get what we need, but thats coming to an end, sooner than you all think, the AMERICAN people are not stupid, not all of them anyway, there only going to take up arms and welcome to the Civil war # 2 I sure hope not, just dont forget the capital ,riots what happened there, I think the world is in big trouble, and no one in the white house is prepared for whats our, I think the preppers are smart, its one party the left fighting over the right and We The People will be hiding in there cellars
      I think we all are -ucked and dont say it won,t happen because we are well on our way to doom, Watch Fox News they will spell it out for you, Thanks for letting me Rant !! Fox Isnt Bad they tell the truth most of the time so get out and vote put it on your frig so you dont forget,

  13. Dementia JOE looks at it this way the more that cross the border the more votes for him in 2024

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