Biden DOJ Now Defending Trump Immigration Policies

The Biden administration has made a significant shift on immigration, at least in terms of defending older Trump policies.

After slamming Trump repeatedly during the campaign over family separation, Biden is switching gears.

His DOJ is now defending the policy to prevent massive payouts that had been previously reported.

Major Shift

You would have had to have been sleeping under a rock not to hear the outrage from the left when Trump’s zero-tolerance rule was put into place.

Biden politicized this even though it was a law on the book long before Trump ever came into office.

It was actually the Bush administration that put the policy in place.

The law had also been enforced during the Obama administration, just not as much as it was enforced during the Trump administration.

After outrage over parents and children being separated dominated the headlines, Trump backed off the policy and ended it.

When Biden took office, there was a report very early on that he would pay almost $1 million per family for those separated under the Trump administration.

The report went over like a lead balloon, as people became outraged (well, other than illegal immigration advocates) that those who broke the law to come into this country would be made instant millionaires.

The problem, of course, is that this sets a horribly dangerous precedent.

What about the families separated under Bush and Obama?

What about people that are currently incarcerated in the United States? Could an argument be made that since crossing the border is illegal, and they were being compensated, does anyone in jail now separated from their children deserve to be compensated?

That may sound like a reach, but I think we all know how litigious society is today, so it is not exactly a stretch that some attorney looking to make a buck would pursue such a case.

The Biden administration has now switched gears, defending the policy so as not to pay these settlements, stating that it was legal because there was a law on the books.

It now looks as though Biden may be saving this policy and putting it on the shelf as a possible way to deter immigrants in the future.

We have already surpassed 2020’s border encounters for the fiscal year, and we are only three months into the current fiscal year.

Stephen Yale-Loehr, a professor of immigration law at Cornell Law School, stated, “Every administration wants to have as much flexibility and discretion as it can on immigration because you never know what conditions will arise in the future.”

What do you think about Biden now defending Trump’s border separation enforcement?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Newsmax


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