Biden Encourages Pullback of Legislation, Slams Republicans

Joe Biden and company have admitted a temporary defeat on their massive spending bill.

Once again, the $1.2 trillion bill was pulled off the floor for lack of support on both sides of the aisle.

Biden insisted that Pelosi stall to get the reconciliation package to go through, a move that may end up costing him both pieces of legislation.

Then he started with his rhetoric, saying the failure of the bills to pass would “embolden” those who blessed the January 6 “insurrection.”

Going Down Swinging

If Joe Biden is going to get this legislation passed, he needs across the aisle support.

However, he continues to throw daggers at Republicans every chance he gets.

Biden and House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) blew this, and now they are looking for ways to deflect the blame.

So, they have now resorted to rallying around the January 6 rally that led to some rioting at the Capitol.

Biden wants to paint the entire Republican Party and all of its supporters as radicals and insurrectionists.

This is their failure, however, as the smaller package would have passed with ease had it been put on the floor before the House end-of-summer recess.

Instead of taking that victory, Joe Biden has caved to the far left in the party, now putting both pieces of legislation at risk.

The only hope Democrats now have of passing both bills is to lower the overall price of the reconciliation package to the request of Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) of $1.5 trillion, but then they have to worry about Senator Sinema (D-AZ), who has yet to show any inclination she will bend.

This fight is far from over, but Biden and Democrat congressional leadership are taking haymakers to the face right now.

As we all know, things in Washington can change rather quickly, but it is tough to imagine Democrats getting anything close to what they want on the big package right now.

Sources: Breitbart & Just the News

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22 Responses

  1. At this point I am so sorry that we have let these traitors ruin our country all the things they say and do our lives they’re trying to wipe us out our freedoms and our country

    1. First of all I am not a repulican or a Democrat I am an American. You keep forcing me to threaten you to get a responce. So you can twist words in your favore. Biden, Harris , Nancy, all political terrorists. Have murdered innocent Americans. Babies , Bableing idiots make no sense at all ! Want but one thing self gain ! Makes them traitors as well !! All should be tried convicted and executed. !!!

    1. We will if we can get a true, fair election in 2022 AND 2024. No more cheater and crooks ballot stuffing.

      1. Oh but those Demobrats will try…look what they did in the recall in CA. What an f mess. I move to NC on 5 days, can’t wait! My realtor said he got two more listings the day after the recall election. Keep your distance from all Demobrats and Skunks…they all stink!

  2. The Governing Group in the White House at the moment are the Damnation of America!! Why are the “weak” Republicans not impeaching them or do “anything” to get rid of them. ? Yes, Trump had his faults…we ALL do…but he ran this country as a business and it worked. Democratic Jealousy killed that! Dear Lord, Please Save America!

  3. THER IS NOT “ONE” Patriot who would STAND UP for this WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP we have in the USA today, THAT INCLUDES the PELOSI HOUSE and the SCHUMMER SENATE. When WWII started there were thousands of young men rushing into the military, TODAY there would be very few to DEFEND THE DEMPCRATS!

  4. Also I would stop reading this News Forum if I were all of you ..they are no different then the demonRats ..I’m done!! I bet they are selling you all down the river!!

  5. Thank GOD for Manchin keeping a smart head on his shoulders otherwise we would be hurting even more than we already are. The Communists in Congress and in the WH are destroying a ONCE great country. All of them need to take a one way trip to Afghanistan where they will be appreciated now that they have brought the Taliban into the 21st century. American citizens can take only so much and then we will have another civil war and because the milee milley general has turned on the troops they may be our allies.

  6. If we get the failed Democrats out of office and Wash DC the whole nation will recover. That means getting the top three morons out of there.

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