Biden Fails to Challenge Xi on Origins of COVID

On Monday night, Joe Biden and President Xi chatted over the phone to clear the air.

Once again, China came out the big winner and Joe embarrassed himself and this country.

The most notable non-challenge by Biden… the origins of COVID-19.


We have more than enough reason to believe this virus was created, not naturally born.

The lab where it was allegedly created is located in Wuhan, China.

To fully understand how not to allow this to happen again, we must be able to track the virus to its original source, but that now appears unlikely to happen.

Biden refused even to broach the subject, instead choosing to discuss “broader health security issues” and the “importance of addressing and bringing an end to the current pandemic.”

A White House official tried to sell this as a win, stating, “Obviously, the president made quite clear that the U.S. approach of donating vaccines and underscored the importance, especially of other countries with large supplies, to do the same.”

Xi has owned Biden ever since Joe got the keys to the White House.

This was a chance for Biden to save some face, but he once again got trampled on.

As long as this man is sitting at the Resolute Desk, this country will continue to be the doormat of global powers.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

    1. O’Biden really has no say in any of this, Soros is financing this, Obummer, Piglisi, Schi//, Scummer, Hillary and many more are running the show. These coward, vile, insane people need to be stopped and soon. Any suggestions?

  1. Lets face it, biden is fpr China, he’s been bought and paid for, and the Chinese are collecting on their investment.

  2. They loudly blamed Trump for collusion with “Russia, Russia, Russia”, with absolutely no evidence. With Biden and plenty of supporting evidence, its crickets. Wonder why there is no “China, China, China” attack???

  3. Useless Biden talks big when his enemies are a thousand miles away, but when he goes face to face with China he swallows his tongue in fear.Biden is a total waste of human life.
    He was not ELECTED, he was SELECTED to destroy America by the corrupt democrats.

  4. Biden already know the origins of COVID, it was Obama, Fauci, and our current D head in chief.

  5. dementia jo is just allowing china to do as they want because he and other communist democrat pedophile cult party members are also receiving china money to allow the fall of our country to china!

  6. Hell is making money off China and he don’t want to piss that away. The biggest example of being a Traitor. If you look it up in the dictionary it is accompanied by his picture

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