Biden Fires Trump-appointed Down Syndrome Advocate from WH Council

I understand wanting to clear house for a new administration, but some appointments warrant a different approach.

Biden, however, just wants anyone and anything to do with Trump gone.

He may have just crossed a line that gives far more insight to his agenda than his hate for Trump, though.

You’re Fired!

The latest firing by Biden of a Trump appointee is Down Syndrome advocate Kurt Kondrich.

Kondrich and his daughter, Chloe (who has Down Syndrome), have helped promote bipartisan legislation regarding parents with Down Syndrome children.

In November 2020, Kondrich was appointed to the Presidential Commission for Persons with Disabilities by Trump.

Today, reports surfaced that Biden has removed him from this council…

First, Biden is breaking precedent by removing Trump appointees to councils such as this.

In most cases, a new president will allow those appointed to fulfill their terms.

One could possibly make a case to support Biden terminating people like Sean Spicer and Kelly Conway, individuals that were deeply entrenched in Trump’s presidency, but this is just going too far.

Something else to consider is the fight Democrats are now putting up regarding abortion, with Down Syndrome unborn at the top of the list for possible abortions.

Is Biden making a bigger statement here by removing the father of a Down Syndrome child, or is this just another effort to remove anything Trump from his administration?

Kondrich, after the firing, stated, “I have always said that our disability advocacy was completely bipartisan and focused on defending and protecting people with disabilities from conception to natural death.

“We advocate for funding support and services that allow people with disabilities to be fully included in society in a safe environment.”

He later stated, “Identifying, targeting and terminating a human being who receives a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis because they don’t meet the misguided cultural mandate for unattainable perfection represents the ultimate, extreme form of discrimination, prejudice, profiling, bigotry, intolerance, exclusion and hatred, and it is something none of us should accept or tolerate.”

That last statement is what makes me think his firing goes far deeper than just his connection to Trump.

Biden simply does not want someone pushing a pro-life stance in his White House, so Kondrich had to go.

Sources: Fox News & Life News

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27 Responses

    1. I have been around both Hogs and Democrats and I think you should be kinder to the Hogs.
      Seeing what Biden has done to us and wants to do in the immediate further puts the
      communist well below the Hogs. The only thing Joe has done that is noteworthy has been to fool us as to what he is and wants to be to an extend well beyond what I could imagine.

    2. Biden & his puppet masters are the most stupid people I’ve ever heard of & that’s been a few. This move of firing is uncalled for & Biden needs to be evicted from the White House along with several more.

    3. Biden the murder should have been aborted. He is a habitual lying mor- n. The USA would have been better off. The Catholic Church need to excommunicate his lying stupid a-s. He is even worth smelling hog crap.

  1. Just another step in the communist plan to erase the past and introduce the new history, as seen by the utopian creators in a communist enviroment. Just like the removal of statues, etc., leave nothing to be used as a base to threaten the NWO/OWG of “globalization”.

  2. Too bad Biden’s mom didn’t abort him while she had the chance. Back then, people still had it done, just not legally.

    1. Ginger from your lips to God’s ears. Biden is the lowest of the low and is such a POS! I can’t stand to listen to his crap or watch his ramblings he belongs in a memory care center.

  3. Biden often brags to be a devout Catholic, but hasn’t he ever heard of the 10 Commandments, the 6th of which says: “Thou shall NOT MURDER?” By instigating this hatred against people who are afflicted with incurable birth defects, he has just crossed the line….he is on his way to HELL! And I say, GOOD RIDDANCE! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PITY FOR THIS EVIL MAN!!

  4. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but they are not entitled to force that opinion on me.

  5. Biden is really showing what a spiteful, childish little bully is he … WHAT A DISGRACE TO THE USA!

      1. I believe they’re waiting for the 2022 midterms when the House flips and impeachment has a better chance of success. Even though there are some moderate democrats who support impeachment they may not be fully committed to voting him out. If Biden isn’t impeached on the first attempt the democrats are going to thumb their piggy noses at the true patriots and become all the more aggressive in pushing through their radical and stupid agenda.

  6. He needs to be remove HE is a crazy as crazy can get maybe some one will give what He needs. IF HE IS NOT STOP SOON WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE

  7. Everyone talks about removing this man from office, but how do we do it and when can we start. This man did not win the presidentcy, he stole it and we did nothing about it even though we know how and why and who did it.

  8. There is a season for everything .Biden season will soon come to an end.It comes to everyone .Pride goes before a fall

  9. Hitler operated the same way, in his vain attempt to only allow those of the perfect race disabilities are not allowed & must be exterminated anyway possible. This is just another step in forming us into a slave race with one mind, one goal etc. One must never deviate from the golden path determined by the elite, which begs the question that Hollywood and Politian’s are the elites that have the correct slave mind set that we must follow.

    Any deviation from this slavish thought process is evil and must be exterminated by any means possible. Keep your guns or you will die under this authoritarian bozo and co-co-conspirers.

  10. Biden is a disgrace to our Country and our worries.God will Prevail over evil doers.sorry but but he is no President and KAmala is no better.

  11. Biden needs to go he is not doing anything good for America may be will do good for other countries, but not for the USA. He needs to leave America now ! He is heartless.

  12. Hey JOE, the next time you say you are FIRED,PLEASE be looking in a MIRROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. As Obama himself said ” don’t under estimate Joe’s ability to f#%k things up “.
    Or Robert Gates ” Joe’s been wrong on every foreign policy decisions he’s ever made “. Joe is a pathological liar !

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