Judge Jeanine: Biden Gave Terrorists Their Own Country

While Joe Biden continues to blame Donald Trump for the Afghanistan fiasco, everyone continues to overlook one major difference in their plans.

Biden handed over Bagram Air Base, but Trump never had any intentions of doing so.

This is a key element and one that enabled Judge Jeanine Pirro to obliterate Joe Biden on this front.

Keeping Bagram

Trump wanted to keep Bagram for several reasons.

First, it would have enabled a much smoother evacuation from Afghanistan.

Second, we would have still had a small footprint in the area to ensure the Taliban did not completely overrun Afghanistan.

Third, we would still have boots on the ground in the area to monitor terrorist activity.

Finally, it was a strategic move against both China and Russia.

Biden gave up Bagram, and the rest of the country fell soon thereafter.

Pirro slammed Biden for this, in part, stating, “The world is a less safe place today than it was the day Joe Biden took office.

“That’s because Biden is non-transparent, is blatantly dishonest and is literally dangerous. Biden prioritizes Afghans with no connection to the United States and no vetting over American citizens.

“One hundred Afghan evacuees are being investigated for possible ties to terrorism.

“The world watches as Biden, according to reports flies Afghan men with child brides, pedophilia or human trafficking where I come from, into Wisconsin over Christians and young soccer players, where they are abandoned, stranded and left as hostages.

“Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation.”

You can see her full segment in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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22 Responses

  1. Judge Jeanine is one of the most honest people I know. I enjoy her show because she says it like it is. The way I feel. I new Mr. Biden who not be a good president, but never believed it would be this bad. I have never called him my president and never will. He does not deserve it. He has never been a good politician. He has always said stupid things. I can not believe democrats like him get away with murder when Mr. Trump and his family are put under a microscope. His behavior greeting the wives and the bodies was deplorable. I cried and my heart felt heavy as these deaths were not necessary (blood on his hands) and all he could do was look at his watch. President Trump said more to comfort the families than he did. I only hope President Trump runs in 2024. He cares about America and the American people. God Bless America and God Bless Judge Jeanine for saying what we all think.

    1. The only good thing coming out of our current Administration is how great President Trump was and how much of a lier CNN, MSNBC, NYT and the rest of the Left leaning media was during his time in office. The rotten Democrats and the media has shown the American people exactly how corrupt they truly are.

    2. You know, I watch Fox for about 2 hours each day, Tucker, Sean, Mark Levin and I also look at CNN and MSNBC just for the laughs and to see how much of a joke they are but I hears many Hosts and their guests on Fox say “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TOO ACT BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!” But they never give any suggestions on how we “ACT!!” WHAT, start another civil war?? Riots?? What do we do?? Just wait and vote??

    3. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

  2. Biden is nothing more tan a bobble head on the white house desk. Get rid of him and all his minions.

  3. Joe ”Beijing” Biden must be the biggest fool and clown I have ever seen in politics in my entire life, anywhere! USA or any other country in the western world!
    Are American citizens supposed to endure having this imbecile old fool for a leader for a full four year term in the WH?!

  4. Judge Jeanine is right on. She has accurately defined the biggest failure in US history. Biden will go down in history as the most incompetent person to ever occupy the White House. What a terrible record he has accumulated in his political career topped off with this stupid action of disorganized evacuation of Afghanistan. History will not be kind to him for his corruption and inability to think rationally.

  5. This whole administration only supports terrorism, terrorist, criminals and illegals. No one else need apply.

  6. Four planes on the runway waiting for departure and the Taliban won’t let them leave. AMERICANS are now being held hostage. You knew it would happen. Thank you Sleezy Joe.

  7. I agree with Judge Jeanine. Biden is only concerned about himself and is putting Americans last. My hope is that he will resign or be impeached.
    He is a deplorable person not fit to be president of our great country.
    D. Santo

  8. Love Judge Jeanine , one great lady..if she ran for president or any other position of power she would have my vote..watch her every Saturday!!!She was a great District Attorney and a great Judge to boot!

  9. I agree with all of you. I say let the planes leave and if they run over the Talban so be it!
    We all know Biden is not controlling the country it is the illgeal President Obama and his muslin brother hood.
    When they show a picture of Nancy Pelosi mad she looks like a wild dog with rabies!

  10. Why don’t we hear our democrat friends coming forward and supporting this man, even the news papers are turning against him. its time the people stand up and demand a change in government and all those terrorist’s occupying the white house and capitol buildings.

  11. Dear Judge Jeanine:
    Please dump Faux News and come over to Real America’s Voice. You can bring Tucker, too.

  12. Y’all are obviously not a conservative site. You not only haven’t posted my comments but also seem to have removed half the post I responded to. What’s the matter?? Too much truth for you?????
    Probably Biden sympathizers! 😡

    1. I have the same problem sometimes..big brother is watching and he is everywhere, time to take big brothers eyeballs ,tongue, ears and lower jaw!!!

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